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Branch Partnerships

Local knowledge, backed by nationwide strength

The Veterans United Home Loans branch network reaches veteran homebuyers across the nation through localized offices and specialized VA Loan knowledge. With the strength of the Veterans United brand behind you, you could grow your local mortgage business and enhance veteran lives right where you are.

Become a Local Branch Partner

Branch Network

Our Branch Network is a group of dedicated individuals who will help you deliver great home loan service to your customer no matter where you’re located.

  • Shannon Krieger

    Shannon Krieger

    Branch Lighthouse Manager - NMLS #987671

    It has been my privilege to work with the Branch Team and the Lighthouse Program over the past 5 years. Educating Veterans and seeing them into homes is the most rewarding position to be in. Doing it alongside my fellow co-workers with whom I share so much camaraderie and joy makes it all the sweeter. VU truly is a special place to be.

  • Brittney Lowe

    Brittney Lowe

    Branch Project Manager

    I have the privilege of onboarding new branch locations across the U.S. From negotiating the office lease to setting up all third party services, I aim to make the process smooth as possible for our new branch managers.

Local Knowledge, Nationwide Strength


It’s No Secret: We Love Our Company Culture

We live it & we mean it

Our three company values were created by our employees.

It’s not some vague mission statement. In the skilled and dedicated hands of our employees, our values burst to life every day and position our company for continued excellence in the future. We are passionate. We deliver results. We enhance lives.

Become a Local Branch Partner

Zan McMahan

Zan McMahan

Branch Manager, Alabama - NMLS #796641

Until working with Veterans United, I had never seen a company so dedicated to bettering the lives of their customers. I’m proud to be a part of this company.

Be passionate and have fun

We are passionate.

We are committed to excellence and finding fulfillment inside and outside of work. By celebrating our accomplishments, learning from our mistakes, staying positive and embracing change, we continuously improve as people, as professionals and as a company. We strive to amaze. As part of the VU family, we learn, grow and have fun together. As a team, we proudly serve those who have served our country. We find purpose in knowing what we do matters. We are passionate.

Become a Local Branch Partner

Nick Schuster

Nick Schuster

Branch Manager - NMLS #9616

Veterans United offered something different I had never experienced. The people, the passion and the mission to genuinely help Veterans buy homes aren’t just words in their mission statement; they’re a way of life.

Deliver results with integrity

We deliver results.

We recognize that execution is essential for the long‐term success of our company. Hard‐work and excellence are expected from everyone on our team. As a company and as individuals, we do the right thing, never compromising our integrity. We contribute to an environment of open and honest communication. We fulfill our promises, and strive to be the strongest, most knowledgeable VA loan team in the country. We deliver results.

Become a Local Branch Partner

Aaron Giarrana

Aaron Giarrana

Branch Manager, Virginia Beach - NMLS #266225

I only wish I had joined Veterans United sooner. Within my first year at Veterans United, I had the best month of my career!

Enhance lives every day

We enhance lives.

We believe that our success as a company is not measured solely by profits, but also by the positive impact that we have on the lives of our clients, co‐workers and community. Respect for everyone is a standard, not an objective. We support each other so we can use our time to do the things that matter inside and outside of work. We genuinely care about the well‐being of others. We make a difference by giving our time and resources. We achieve more collectively than we ever could individually. We enhance lives.

Become a Local Branch Partner

Shawn Workman

Shawn Workman

Branch Manager, Georgia - NMLS #169957

Having the confidence that Veterans United can and will meet unique time-crunch situations for our military clients is just a great feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Branch Network

  • What does it take to be a Branch Partner at Veterans United Home Loans?

    A Veterans United Branch Manager should be a focused mortgage originator who’s enthusiastic and ready to build relationships with their local military community. Extra points to individuals who’ve built up those relationships already! Our best Branch Partners are well-respected in their communities and are completely dedicated to serving their local homebuyers. We’re looking for individuals who will grind until their goals are reached. Our ideal candidate is also focused on upholding our company values: Be passionate, deliver results and enhance lives. If you want to achieve bigger professional goals, have mortgage industry experience and are drawn to the Veterans United Experience, then we want to hear from you.

  • How much time will it take for me to onboard?

    A lot goes into onboarding a new branch location, but the length of time it takes to complete the process varies! Our onboarding experts will help your process go as smoothly as possible. They will get you up and running as soon as you sign your contract to work at Veterans United. You may wait until your last day at your current employer’s company to start at Veterans United, or you may sign it then finish the length of your employment. Situations vary; we’ll talk you through yours to ensure you’re ready.

  • Who will help me find an office location and set it up?

    Branch Project Manager Brittney Lowe will help you every step of the way. She’ll help you find a location you like and contact the owner or landlord to learn more. Brittney will serve as the liaison between you and the leasing agent or landlord and the Veterans United legal department. Her job is to ensure you enter into a fair agreement compliant with industry regulations. Brittney will also contact Veterans United IT so they can order equipment for your building.

    Once the space is obtained, Brittney will help you:

    • find furniture
    • paint and replace floors if needed
    • obtain signage
    • switch utilities to company name
    • set up document shredding company
    • begin the licensing process, which can take four to six weeks depending on each situation
    • notify Accounting department of rent and recurring charges associated with building
    • introduce you to the Branch Marketing team

    Brittney will maintain the lease, keep track of renewal and termination dates and provide you with ongoing office support.

  • How long will it take for the office building and me to get licensed?

    A license is tied to an individual by his or her name and NMLS number. Each person in a licensed position should hold a mortgage loan originator license in the state he or she wants to do business. To become licensed, the individual’s NMLS account is set up, and all SAFE and state prerequisites are completed by him or her.

    You must start with Veterans United in order to submit an application. The license application is submitted after the above prerequisites are fulfilled, and Veterans United’s Licensing Team will follow up after it’s approved. After approval, the individual can start doing business.

    The building in which you work must also be licensed. This license is tied to the branch by name, NMLS number and address. The branch and individual’s license must be approved before the individual can start doing business in that state and in that building. A business license may also be required, depending on the location of the branch office.

    Veterans United’s Licensing Team prepares and submits the building license application and will notify you when it’s approved. Depending on the state’s requirements, the branch manager’s license and branch license applications may have to be submitted simultaneously.

  • How long will it take for me to transfer my license to Veterans United if I’m already licensed?

    Already licensed? Our Licensing Team will request to transfer your existing license to Veterans United. The Licensing Team will communicate with you and the state in which you’re licensed to do this. The average cost to transfer a license is $30, and the average turnaround time is five days.

    To transfer the building’s license, our Licensing Team will prepare and submit a license application and follow up with regulatory agencies until it is approved. They’ll notify you when the license transfer is approved. Mortgage licenses vary depending on the state of operation. The average branch license costs approximately $500, and the average business license costs approximately $200.

  • How much do these licenses costs?

    The cost of the individual’s license depends on the state. The average license cost is approximately $370. The average turnaround for licensing is two-and-a-half weeks.

    Mortgage licenses vary by state. The average cost is approximately $500, and the turnaround time is around three weeks. Business licenses also vary, and they cost approximately $200. The average turnaround time is three weeks.

  • What does Veterans United’s benefits package look like?

    Veterans United Home Loans offers its full-time branch employees a benefits package. This package includes paid time off, paid holidays, quarterly massages, 50 percent coverage of gym memberships, anniversary gifts, a “Pay it Forward” program, a 401(k) program (company match), full medical coverage starting the day you start at Veterans United and more.

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