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Hiring Process

Veterans United equips and encourages me to be a better version of myself every day. There is nowhere else like VU!
Becca Henegar,
Web Application Developer

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Your Guide to the Hiring Process

Just so you know, a real human being reviews every application submitted.

  • 1 Apply Online

    Complete an application for a job opening that matches your skills, talent, and passion.

    Apply Today

  • 2 Application Review

    VU recruiters (real people, not résumé bots) check new applications every day to find the perfect match for our various opportunities.

  • 3 Online Assessments

    If there’s a potential fit, you will be emailed a link to pre-employment assessments tied to the specific position. Don’t stress that it’s a test, we are simply looking to discover if your strengths mesh with the opportunity.

  • 4 Meet with VU Teammates

    Come in for a chat so you can share more about you and learn more about us. Feel out the VU culture and how we work.

    Be sure to fill out your references online within 24 hours so we can email the form to your contacts.

  • 5 Each Path is Unique

    Depending on the position, there may be additional steps. Our team is like a family and we want to ensure we’re adding the right members. We also want to make sure you feel excited about the opportunity.

  • 6 Job Offer

    Congratulations, you will soon be enhancing lives alongside some really talented and committed coworkers that may quickly become friends! If you haven’t made it to this stage, don’t fret. We will keep you on our radar for future opportunities that are better aligned.

Job Categories

Tell us what drives you, we’ll guide you to the right opportunity.

People-Minded »

These roles are for those who live to serve others. You might be supporting our customers directly or behind the scenes where your friendly, outgoing enthusiasm is contagious.

Process-Minded »

These positions are primarily focused on processing and closing loans. You’ll fit right in if you love to-do lists and find peace in details.

Results-Minded »

These positions include individuals on the Loan Officer track. You thrive on providing excellent customer service and always performing better than yesterday.

Technology-Minded »

Ah, the tinker-ers and technical problem solvers! These opportunities span Data Services, Information Security, Infrastructure Services, Product Strategy, Quantitative Strategy, and Software Services.

Marketing-Minded »

These roles create the digital face of our company. Our team employs marketing strategists, lead generation experts, designers, writers, and communicators. They make VU look and feel like VU.

Career Stages

Within the walls of VU, you’ll find a diverse blend of people, roles, and responsibilities.


You have an idea of what you’re interested in pursuing as a career path, or you’re utterly confused. We’ve been there. The key is that you are eager to immerse yourself in a professional environment and contribute your skills to the team.


You have a few years of experience or possibly none at all. We take training seriously and will arm you with opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed.


You have been working in your field for a while now and are hitting your stride. You’re able to jump right in and start helping the team but you’re also hungry to keep learning and growing.


You are an expert in your field and people see you as a go-to role model. You’re looking to share your knowledge and experience to help build up others.

Are You Ready to Enhance Lives?

Meet the team that enjoys meeting talented, passionate people

Jerome Larkins
If I’m not dancing, then I’m building relationships in the community and striving to make the recruiting process as fun as possible.
Jerome Larkins The Sourcer-er Supreme
Larissa Wollard
If I’m not at my desk, I’m probably at Starbucks. I believe you can solve any problem over a good cup of coffee.
Larissa Wollard Talent Wonder Woman
Katlyn O'Connor
My passion is being the personification of positivity. Last year I competed in 14 different sports including Quidditch and went to 38 concerts.
Katlyn O'Connor Spunky Career Opportunist
Erik Morse
I rode 5,700 miles on my bike in 2015. When I’m not biking, I am passionate about bringing mindfulness techniques to the workplace.
Erik Morse Resource for Humans

Be You, Love What You Do

Unleash your uniqueness and reach your potential

Diversity & Inclusion

Behind all we do there are amazing individuals.

We are passionate about creating an environment where every employee can deliver results through their unique skill set, background and perspective. We also strive to build a culture where all employees feel comfortable in their own skin and where respect is a standard, not an objective.

Learn more »

Loreli Wilson
I want our employees to feel valued, respected, accepted and supported.
Loreli Wilson Director, Diversity & Social Impact

Veterans Helping Veterans

We don’t just serve military members and their families.

We hire them, too. Veterans and service members work in all corners of our company. There’s no one more passionate about serving the military community than those who served as well. Our commitment to recruiting, hiring and retaining military members and spouses has been recognized by the Military Friendly Employer® award and the Military Spouse Employment Partnership.

Baxter Nickels
Working at VU reminds me of the camaraderie when I was in the Army. Everyone is working together to achieve our mission, and have fun while we’re doing it.
Baxter Nickels Marketing Compliance Manager

Internships that matter

We believe in offering paid internships that matter.

If you are looking for real-world experience that prepares you for a stellar career all while making a positive impact in someone’s life, then your search ends here. The Veterans United internship program not only provides hands-on work opportunities, it cultivates tangible skills to set you apart from your peers.

Laura Schonhardt
There’s nothing better than getting to be on the front end of helping Veterans in the homebuying process.
Laura Schonhardt Social Media Intern » Social Media Specialist » Graphic Designer