5 To-Dos Before You Renovate Your New Home

To-Dos Before Home Renovation

Repairs and improvements are natural after buying a home. Pause and reflect a bit before diving right in.

Sure, there can be some headache and hassle, but first-time homebuyers are often surprised to find that thrills come in bunches when purchasing a home.

Veterans and service members financing a home with a VA loan experience these thrills, one of which is getting excited to make the home your own with one-of-a-kind renovations.

Even when you find the house you always wanted, it’s likely you’ll want to make a few changes.  But here are some suggestions to consider before you dive headfirst into a handful of projects.

This is easier said than done. Moving takes time and energy. Give you and your family a chance to relax, even if it’s for a few hours in between unpacking boxes.

Live in the home
Much like you’d test drive a car, live in your home for awhile before you start a project. While you settle in, you’ll find nuances you didn’t notice when you visited during an open house or walkthrough. Getting to know your house may cause you to change your renovation priorities.

Ask friends, family and neighbors
Once you know what projects you want completed, look for advice from experienced homeowners. Find out which repairs and renovations enriched their home environment and which ones were time-consuming money pits. All homes are different and have different necessary repairs, but this will help give you an idea of what to avoid and what’s worthwhile in the long run.

Shop handymen
While you figure out what fixes you want in your home, figure out if it’s a do-it-yourself project or something that’s going to require an expert. For the latter, start shopping contractors. Get a few estimates for each project and make sure you hire an insured and bonded contractor.

Look for hardware
 Any project that requires fixtures—toilets, sinks or counter tops, to name a few—requires that you do some legwork to find the fixtures that best suit your needs. During your search for the right hardware you’ll soon realize what projects are out of your budget, further paring down the list of renovations.

Unless a repair is urgent, take time to prioritize, plan and shop before you renovate.