6 To-Dos as Soon as You Move In

Move-In To-Do List

Buyers often have an immediate to-do list of potential changes after purchasing a home.

The to-do list never seems to end.

When you’re settling into a new home, dozens of things need to get done. For first-time military homebuyers, this list can look daunting even when it’s missing some tasks.

There are a few important but easily forgotten tasks to get done as soon as you move into your new home. Make sure you add these to your list.

If the sellers haven’t it done recently, find a pest control business to go through your house and spray for insects. Do this after unpacking as a few critters might have snuck into boxes.

Air filter
Replace your HVAC filter so that your system is efficient and blowing fresh air through the house.

New locks
Hire a locksmith to put new locks on all the doors. Don’t forget to get keys to the new locks and a set of spare keys just in case.

Garage door openers
If your home has a garage, you’ll have to reprogram the garage door openers. Most garage door openers have a reset button you need to hold down. If it gets more complicated, you’ll need to either hunt down a manual or call the manufacturer.

Smoke alarms
At the very least, you’ll want to replace the batteries on any smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors. Sometimes smoke alarms age into yellow eyesores on freshly painted walls. If they bother you, buy new smoke detectors to freshen the must-have warning devices.

New homeowners don’t always like keeping the same doorknobs or toilet seat as the previous owners. A little antibacterial cleanser could probably appease military homeowners, but for those disgusted by the prospect of any germs, replacing toilet seats or knobs is an easy do-it-yourself task.

Not every military homeowner has the same moving situation as another homeowner, but you’ll likely have a list of things to address soon after moving day.

Image: Diana Parkhouse