7 Cheap Steps to Staging Your House

Staging Homes for Open Houses

There are all kinds of simple and cost-effective ways to stage your home for open houses, from a good scrubbing to yard work.

Selling a house with a messy interior or unkempt exterior isn’t easy. No matter how sturdy, secure or cozy a house is, it needs to look nice to draw attention and get offers from prospective buyers. When military families are on the move, staging the home for open houses can become an afterthought.

Follow these tips to ensure your home is ready to show.


It seems silly, but prospective buyers don’t care to see framed photos of you and family. Homebuyers want to imagine themselves in the house. Take down any personal photos and decorations.

Make scents

Aromas can be pleasing or off-putting. Empty trash cans frequently, clear garbage disposals and light candles in bathrooms.


Eliminate clutter throughout the house. The fewer stacks of old magazines, boxes and countertop messes, the more spacious your house will look. Once stuff is out of the way, clean thoroughly. Scrub floors, walls, toilets, sinks and light fixtures. Dust tables and get furniture clean, too.


It’s common for experts to recommend painting walls with neutral colors. But some colors may trigger an emotional response or generate feelings of warmth, calmness or joy. Totally your call here.


People looking to buy your house will yank on knobs, handles and anything that could fall apart. Fix loose hardware, replace busted tile and loose handrails. Fix outdoor problems, too. Look for leaky gutters, downspouts or hose faucets.

Maintain the yard

Before home shoppers step into your foyer, they’ll first see your yard. If it’s unkempt, that’s a bad first impression. Mow the lawn, trim the bushes, rake leaves and liven up the entrance with fresh potted flowers.


Let natural shine through windows. Small centerpieces—which you can make with your own flowers—add dimension to tables. Play with your rooms’ layouts. Move furniture around until you find a layout that optimizes the space.


Altogether, these steps can seem overwhelming. Make a to-do list weeks before your house hits the market.

Photo courtesy of REAL ESTAGING