Add Curb Appeal with 6 Simple DIY Projects

Add Curb Appeal with 6 DIY Projects

Adding curb appeal doesn’t have to be an expensive ordeal, try simple weekend projects with big impacts.

An all-too-common problem with moving into a new neighborhood is that all the homes look alike. The easiest way to make your home stand out from the rest is to dress up your yard with a little curb appeal.

Contrary to popular belief, curb appeal doesn’t mean spending thousands of dollars on professional landscaping. Some of the biggest changes can come from simple weekend warrior projects.

Front Door Makeover

It seems too easy, but simply painting the front door can really change the look of your entire house. A key to design is creating a strong focal point, and the front door is the obvious choice when it comes to a home. You don’t need to choose a standard red, but a bold color choice can really add a lot of visual interest and attract the eye to your home.


There’s a tendency to focus on everything close to the home, but it’s important to remember that curb appeal starts at the street. Don’t underestimate how a run-down mailbox can distract from improvements you make to your home.  Repaint for a quick update or lay bricks around the base to add a more finished look.

Lights Add Curb Appeal

Solar lights are a great idea to add lighting to your landscaping without worrying about wires.

Outdoor Lighting

Curb appeal doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Front porch and landscape lights can make a huge difference in making your home look inviting at night. Adding lighting to your yard has never been easier with the advent of solar lamps. You can get as many as you need and without wires installation is a cinch.

Flower Bed

Never underestimate how adding some life to the front yard can dress it up.  Whether it’s flowerpots or digging out a small flowerbed be sure to choose plants that are native to the area to reduce maintenance.

Unique House Numbers

Things can get pretty bland in suburbia driving through rows of houses that look exactly the same. Set your place apart with some unique house numbers. Try making a unique one on a set of tiles or purchase a house number plaque.

Power Washing is Inexpensive

Power washing is an easy and inexpensive way to clean up the look of your home.

Power Washing

Sometimes all you really need to enhance your curb appeal is a little water. Rent a power washer for the afternoon and knock the dirt off the front porch, driveway and siding. You’ll be surprised how much grime accumulates on everything if it doesn’t look very dirty.

Nothing compares to the excitement that comes with making your new house a home and you shouldn’t let adding personal touches stop inside. Make your house a home on the inside and outside.

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