How Ready are You? 6 Resources to Get You Prepped for Disaster

As Hurricane Sandy makes landfall, many people out East and elsewhere might be asking themselves, “Am I prepared for a disaster?”

Check out these guides to disaster preparedness from around the Web to make sure you have all your bases covered.

Keep a Well Stocked Emergency Kit

This emergency kit includes first-aid items, paper towels, water and a blanket.

  • Know your hazards. This general guide from MSN Real Estate describes eight of the most common disasters homeowners face and outlines best practices for getting through each. Just moved in and not sure which disasters are most common in your area? Contact your local Red Cross or emergency management office to get a better sense of the biggest risks. Better yet, ask a neighbor. If your new ‘hood is in Tornado Alley or the direct path of a mudslide, they’re likely to have some survivors’ secrets to share.
  • Reinforce structures as much as possible. Be it fire, tremors or torrential rain, FEMA recommends taking these preventive steps to protect your property from major damage.
  • Develop a disaster plan. The American Red Cross suggests agreeing on meeting places and practicing an evacuation of your home at least twice a year. Here are some of the agency’s other tips for thinking ahead to keep your family safe.
  • Don’t forget your furry friends. Pets left behind or separated from their owners during a disaster are much less likely to survive. FEMA offers these tips for creating a plan to keep your pets safe, too.
  • Build an emergency kit. Make sure you have at least some of these items that the Red Cross recommends. Have more time to prepare? Check out FEMA’s more comprehensive list, which includes items for your home, work and vehicle.
  • Remember to safeguard important documents. According to MSN Money, people frequently forget to keep extra copies of their most important documents somewhere that’s accessible during evacuation or after disaster strikes. Here’s their advice for avoiding unnecessary paperwork problems in an already-stressful time.

For info on finding help after natural disasters, check out:  5 Steps for VA Borrowers After Disaster.

Photo courtesy of KOMUnews.