Roundup: What’s Hot on Future Military Homeowners

Twice a month, we’ll do a roundup of the most popular stories on Future Military Homeowners and toss them all together for you. So, if you missed an article or two or haven’t been by in a while, here’s what you missed:

We took a look at the history of the Veterans Day holiday:

“With Veterans Day upon us, now is the time to thank veterans for all they’ve done. Veterans Affairs has also worked to repay and recognize what veterans have done for our countrythe VA has programs in place. Designed to make the transition to civilian life easier and honor veterans, programs like the VA home loan program have helped hundreds of thousands of veterans.”  See the full article here.

If you’re looking for a home, make sure the type of home matches your needs:

“Not every military family is at a place in their life for a starter home. Single service members might see starter homes as oversized, while military families with children need more space than a starter can offer. Take a look at this breakdown of types of homes to get an idea of which one accommodates you.”  See the full article here.

You fell in love with your dream home, but it needs a little TLC. Should you buy it, or move on?

“It’s the one. Or is it?

When you find a house you love that’s in some disrepair, you feel torn. On the one hand, you could invest some money, time and energy in getting it fixed. Or you could keep shopping the market in hopes of finding the same house in mint condition. Look at these tips to assess what option is best for you.”  See the full article here.