Winterize Home Decor With Wool

We all know winter is coming when the days grow shorter and the temperature falls. With that in mind, homeowners may be looking for a way to transition their home decor from the hot afternoons of summer to the cold nights of winter.

A great way to add warmth is with wool and other soft fabrics. Not only will these help keep you warm, they’ll give your home that cozy winter look. Check out our ideas for winterizing your home decor with wool.


Winterize Home Decor and Fabrics

When choosing pillows, mix and match different patterns, colors and fabrics.

A simple way to make a room feel cozy, warm and comfortable is adding pillows. Add pillows in a few different colors and textures for a great homemade look but avoid going overboard, you still want there to be room to sit down.


One way to add warmth to a room that you might not typically consider is window treatments. Large bare windows aren’t exactly inviting. Whether you had no curtains or very light ones over the summer, think about adding thicker curtains made out of wool, cotton or some other soft fabric.

Layered Rugs

Rugs are a great way to add warmth to a room if you’re typically dealing with freezing toes on hardwood during the winter. For an extra cozy feel, look for plush or shag rugs if it will be in an area with low traffic. If shag rugs aren’t your style, layering multiple rugs offers the same feeling without the extra length.


Soft blankets warm your home in winter

Use blankets to warm your living room, especially if you have leather furniture.

Draping a blanket or throw over the back of your furniture is a great way to make a living space comfortable. Especially if you’ve got leather furniture, you’ll be in need of something soft and you can get blankets in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics to best fit your style and fabric preference.

Cold Weather Bedding

You may have slept with only a few sheets during this past summer, but now that cold weather is back be sure to drag out the quilts, blankets and consider investing in a thick comforter. When changing out bedding don’t forget about any guest rooms for your holiday visitors.

Using these ideas will help keep your home warm and cozy no matter how low the temperature drops outside.

Images courtesy of WayTru & Jonna Bourne