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Introduction to the Lighthouse Program
Veterans often have to overcome financial hurdles on the path to homeownership. See how the Lighthouse Program helps you get prequalified for a home loan.
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Lighting the Way to Homeownership

Military service often comes with unique financial challenges. Deployment and frequent relocation can take a heavy toll on credit scores and finances.

That can make it tough for some service members and Veterans to qualify for a VA home loan. At a lot of lenders, prospective borrowers who don't meet credit requirements simply get shown the door.

Veterans United wanted to do something different.

We created the Lighthouse Program, a special department staffed with credit and homebuying experts. The Lighthouse team works one-on-one with Veterans and service members to develop a plan to improve their financial profile and get on the path to prequalifying for a home loan.

It's a one-of-a-kind program that's helped more than 8,000 military families become homeowners.

You can talk with a Lighthouse specialist at 888-392-7421, or visit the Lighthouse Program website for more information.

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