Donating Without Spreading Yourself too Thin

With breast cancer awareness month winding down, November brings a fresh batch of noble awareness campaigns, including National Alzheimer’s Awareness and American Diabetes Awareness. Military families, like civilian families, probably have some connection to at least one cause throughout the year and want to give. Sharing the wealth isn’t easy, especially if you’re on a budget. With so many worthy campaigns, give with confidence that you won’t spoil your budget by using these donating tips.

Pick a few

Choose one or two causes about which you’re most passionate and donate exclusively to those organizations. Don’t feel guilty about omitting the other causes. As rewarding as it is to give, it’s important to live within the means of your budget.

Pay in installments

When you donate to charitable organizations, you might have the option to give monthly. For instance, let’s say you want to donate $60 to the Susan G. Komen foundation, but spread it out over the course of a year. You can choose to donate $10 every two months for a year. This eliminates paying a lump sum upfront and spreads out the toll on your budget.

Empty the closet

Rather than spend money, shed some of your old clothes, books or toys. The Salvation Army even accepts car donations. With the holiday season upcoming, organizations solicit donations now more than ever. Some donations go down as tax write offs, too.


Not all military families are in a position to donate money when they wish they could. But if you have the passion, energy and time, your personal involvement worth more than a check. Volunteer some time when you can.

Giving money or time to a cause is a truly optional commitment. But if you do decide to throw some money or a few hours behind something you truly care about, use the above tips to do it without breaking the bank.


Photo thanks to kate* under a creative commons license from Flickr.