Hot Careers: The 5 Fastest-Growing Job Fields

Best careers

Some of the best-paying jobs require a college degree.

Keeping an eye on the fastest-growing career tracks in the country is a good way for unemployed veterans to make plans for the future.

Careers that seem to be getting the most attention lately are rooted in technology, science and math. Of the top 5 fastest growing careers all three of these categories can be found. It also seems that people who have a college degree, on top of the skills required for jobs in these subject areas, seem to do the best in terms of a paycheck.

Since 2000 the average annual income for workers without a degree or diploma has only increased $96. Meanwhile, the average for those with a bachelor’s degree has increased $261, according to a 2012 report.

Whether you’re job hunting, going back to school, or looking to start a family, having a decent income is important. The five fastest-growing jobs, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics, can serve as a potential road map whether you’re planning a career change or preparing to separate from the military and explore the civilian workforce.

Three of the five fastest-growing occupations are diagnostic medical sonographers (science), information security analysts (technology) , and insulation mechanical workers (math). These fields generally require at least a bachelor’s degree and often pay more than $79,000 annually. These fields are under the category of high technology, according to the GI Bill. This idea of high technology has taken the country by storm. People with skills classified this way are proving to be more important than ever.

The other two occupations in the graphic yield a significantly lower annual income. Home health aides and personal care aides are also quickly growing in the U.S. but do not require any type of college degree. While there are significantly more people employed in these fields, the report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 48% growth and 49% growth in those fields, respectively.

So, if you have the opportunity to get certified in areas dealing with science, technology or math the job outlook is promising. If you’re thinking about going into one of the high technology fields, take a look at our descriptions of the fields and then do some research on your own:

Health Care

The top three fastest-growing jobs belong to this field. Industrial organization psychologists, personal care aides, and home health aides are all expecting at least 48% job growth until 2022. Furthermore, many other jobs listed in the report belong to this field and provide you with many career options as you plan out your future. As people continue to live longer and science continues to develop, the health care industry will continue to see rapid growth.


Workers within the construction and mechanical fields are consistently needed. Specialists within the construction industry, specifically mechanical workers, can expect continued job growth over the next decade. Most careers within this industry do not require a Bachelor’s degree to receive an entry-level position.


Few other times in the history of our country has “being good with computers” been so valuable, especially to employers. This means if you’re one of the gifted people who can work within the complexities of computers, databases and networks, someone out there is looking to recruit you. With the increased threats of cyber attacks, companies are searching for security analysts and technicians to help protect their computer networks. These jobs typically require a Bachelor’s degree, but the industry will continue to grow as computer systems become more complex.

With proper time and support for one of these rapidly growing fields, your career will take off. More importantly, your family’s future will be secure.

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