Jobs that Keep You Out of the Office!

After a few years in the military, cubicles, spreadsheets and invoices may seem less tolerable than midnight ambush drills. In that case, an outdoor career may be much more suitable for a soldier. Luckily, the U.S. government, one of the top ten employers of veterans, offers careers in some of the best outdoor job agencies.  Five of the top fields are:

U.S. Forest Service

This nationwide agency helps to maintain 193,000 acres of public land within forests and grasslands. Much of the outdoor jobs lie in the technical and professional fields and include careers such as foresters, soil scientists, ecologists, biologists, and field engineers. Gov. Central does a great job pairing with to assist in pursuing a Forest Service career.

U.S. Maritime Administration

An agency for the seas, this field assists in maintaining waterborne, domestic and foreign commerce. There are opportunities to work on engineering projects as well as work as a deckhand with cargo. Gov. Central lists the nation’s six maritime academies as well as possible job routes.

U.S. Marshals

As the law enforcement agency for the government, there are multiple investigative and administrative positions, but outdoor jobs may include prisoner transportation on ground and in aircraft. It is a great way for a soldier to maintain peak physical stamina (as well as carry a firearm).

Department of Agriculture

With such a broad department, there are multiple career opportunities in food, agriculture, rural development and natural resources. Top five career areas include forestry, biological, IT, soil conservation specialists and food inspectors.

National Park Service

Work to protect the nation’s natural, historical, and recreational resources. There are multiple jobs that cover over 408 locations and protect 84 million acres across the United States. Park rangers, fire management professionals, park police, guards, and maintenance workers offer plenty of alternatives to the office.

Photo courtesy mikebaird