Military Personal Finance Roundup: April 1-5

In this military personal finance roundup, we take a look at entertainment and its relationship to your money. Don’t feel like you always have to spend money to be entertained. Thanks to the spring season, weather is improving, which means you can do all kinds of fun things outside. But if you’re more of an indoors person, there’s no shortage of entertainment for you.

Take a look at these blog posts that discuss several types of entertainment and money. How do you like to be entertained? What fun things do you do frugally?

Entertainment and Military Finance

Not all entertainment has to be expensive.

  • There’s a bit of a battle taking place about the legality of reselling MP3s. The Supreme Court recently ruled on physical copies of copyrighted works, but the court’s stance on the resale of digital works remains unclear.
  • Cable TV used to be the only option to catch your favorite shows. Now online streaming services have changed that.
  • Daisy hypothesizes certain TV programs hurt your savings. Are you watching any of them? Can a TV show really influence your spending or saving habits?
  • There are even more ways to watch movies for less in addition to online streaming.
  • One blogger reviews Rabbit TV, yet another way to access TV on the Internet.
  • Are you a fantasy baseball competitor? Check out the five ways fantasy baseball is like personal finance.
  • Baseball fans probably don’t watch games and think about their credit. But baseball can teach us about credit scoring, believe it or not.

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