Military Personal Finance Roundup: April 8-12

Talking about retirement rattles some people, but it’s the focus of this week’s military personal finance roundup. We’re not talking exclusively about retiring from the military, but retiring for good. Leaving the workforce may be decades away for you, which is why it’s smart to think about retirement now. Don’t wait too long to start putting money aside in the Thrift Savings Plan or other individual retirement accounts.

This probably isn’t the first or last time a roundup’s theme is retirement. Nevertheless, peruse these blog posts about retirement and get aggressive about preparing for it.

Military Personal Finance Roundup

Retirement may be years away, but it’s never too soon to plan for it.

  • In addition to saving money for retirement, it’s important to make an effort to retire debt-free.
  • How confident are you that you’ll be able to retire? Your confidence isn’t out of your control. You can make smart decisions to ease your worries about retirement.
  • If you’ve read about the potential retirement savings cap, fear not. Chances are few consumers will fall in this group of super-savers, who are often people earning and saving tens of thousands of dollars every year.
  • Here’s a solid retirement philosophy: put it away until you need it.
  • One blogger goes so far as to call some consumers’ retirement savings a joke. Take your retirement seriously and don’t get laughed at!
  • Again, it’s likely quite a few decades before you retire. However, here are seven questions to answer before you retire.
  • Similarly, it’s smart to compare your expectations for retirement versus reality.

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