Military Personal Finance Roundup: August 27-31

It is Labor Day weekend, so we hope you get that extra day off to relax. For now, take a look at this week’s military personal finance roundup. Whether you’re curious how your credit card number is created or looking for cheap ways to tailgate, we found what you need.

Military personal finance roundup

If you’re wondering how your credit card number is determined or how to tailgate on the cheap, this weeks’ roundup is for you.

  • Military spouses should know what it means to be an authorized user versus a joint account holder on a credit card.
  • Financial inequality and friendships are awkward topics, but Get Rich Slowly prepares you to handle these topics carefully.
  • At Good Financial Cents, Miranda Marquit breaks down what your credit card numbers mean.
  • Any readers who love to shop have heard cashiers’ spiels at different department stores for retail credit cards. But how worthwhile are they?
  • With college and professional football seasons here, you should know these tips for frugal tailgaiting.

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