Military Personal Finance Roundup: November 12-16

You’re a consumer whether you like it or not. We all are. Since holiday shopping  just around the corner, it’s time to prepare yourself so you don’t become an uncontrollable spender. This military personal finance roundup is broadly themed in consumerism. These bloggers all bring something different to the consumerism discussion, but they’re all worth a read.

Weekly Roundup About Holiday shopping

Learn good spending habits so that you’re a smart consumer this holiday season.

  • Spending money isn’t bad, as one blogger puts it. Read the piece in full. She’s not advocating you drive yourself wildly into debt.
  • For the holidays, you might find there are too many people for whom you must shop. In that case, it’s smart to make holiday shopping lists.
  • Seasonal lifestyle deflation forces you to save money and is a less conventional concept that’s still effective.
  • If you plan to hit the outlet malls this holiday season, learn the tricky ways outlet malls get you to spend money.
  • Feeling guilty about consumption is human, but sometimes is justified. See if your justifications align with the blogger’s at Sustainable Personal Finance.
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday start and end the biggest shopping weekend of the year…or do they?

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