Military Personal Finance Roundup: November 5-9

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments consumers make in their lifetime. Veterans and service members with families will likely capitalize on their VA home loan benefit and buy a house comfortable enough for their loved ones.

There are homebuyers who go the opposite direction and look for less conventional homes. This military personal finance roundup is a bit more fun than others. The blog posts below explore the different types of homes that work for other consumers. Do any of these homes appeal to you?

Tiny homes and apartments

Tiny homes, geodesic homes and minimal apartments. Oh my!

  • The world’s skinniest house pushes goofy homes to the extreme. It’s actually too small to be a legal full-time home.
  • Not a whole lot bigger is the 240-square-foot apartment that a Brooklyn Heights couples adores.
  • There’s actually quite a bit to learn from small living spaces, even if you choose to live in a full-sized home.
  • Off-the-grid homes are another option that few people see as practical. But those who reside in one find it a most rewarding experience.
  • If you’ve never seen a geodesic dome, you should take a virtual tour of one. It’s an unbelievable use of space.

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