The Power of the VA Home Loan and Today’s Veteran Homeowner

It’s almost too good to be true.

A home loan with no mandatory down payment, no private insurance expenses, and easier qualification guidelines, all at a time when interest rates are the lowest in years throughout the industry. And it’s available exclusively for active duty military service members and veterans like you.

VA home loans offer a unique benefit to veterans.Every day, hundreds of military families are finding out why the VA Loan is one of the most popular benefits offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Developed in 1944 as part of the G.I. Bill, the VA home loan is now one of the industry’s leading programs due to its low foreclosure rate and rapid growth. According to the VA, more than 1.5 million VA Loans are currently active; nearly 360,000 of those were closed just last year.

VA Loans are issued by lenders such as Veterans United and backed by the VA, which means that the federal government protects lenders in the event that a borrower defaults on his or her mortgage. This ‘guaranty’ system provides the backbone for this unique benefit, which has been used by more than 18 million veterans since its inception following World War II.

So what’s the real difference between a VA Loan and a conventional mortgage? In addition to no money up front and no burdensome insurance fees, VA mortgages tend to come with competitive low rates. Combine that with less stringent credit and qualification standards, and you’re looking at a cost-efficient, convenient, 100 percent financing home loan that you’ve earned by serving our country.

Get started today by filling out a short form with some basic information or calling 800-884-5560 under no obligation. You’ll be put in touch with a Veterans United Home Loans specialist, who will review your eligibility and guide you step by step, all the way until closing.

So for the cynics and skeptics, it’s time to ditch your doubt; the VA Loan is as great as advertised. And your dream of achieving home ownership for you and your family is well within reach.