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Flying the Friendliest Skies: U.S. Air Force Ranked 7th Happiest Workplace

Who says work has to be boring? Not the U.S. Air Force! In a recent CareerBliss survey of the 50 happiest companies of 2012, the Air Force ranked among the happiest.

The survey used employee company reviews and ratings on CareerBliss to determine the winners, who were selected based on criteria including general happiness, company culture, work-life balance, opportunities for growth, the company's work and their coworkers. Each company was given an average score between one and five. The Bliss Rating for the Air Force was 4.206, enough to earn 7th place.

"During my time in the Air Force, I worked with excellent people, civilians and military, who were dedicated to their jobs," said David Moore, 677th Aeronautical Systems Group at Wright-Patterson AFB from 2004-2007 and writer for the Veterans United Network. "They were all professionals, and I liked everyone I worked with."

According to an article by MSN Money, the Air Forces' best rated categories were "The people you work with (4.44)," "the work you do (4.39)" and "the person you work for (4.35)."

CareerBliss also said the armed forces branch has a feeling of camaraderie and great education benefits.

"The United States Air Force excels in providing employees the growth opportunities, support and rewards needed to help them (soldiers) succeed,” said Matt Miller, CTO and co-founder of CareerBliss.

"It wasn't just a job, but a culture that sought to complete the mission and take care of its people, not putting one in front of the other," Moore said. "My father, an Army veteran of 22 years, always told me that if I were to join the military, I'd ought to enter the Air Force. I experienced first hand why he gave me that advice."

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