VetNet Live with Augie Nielsen and Erik Morse, HR Professionals

Click on the image below to watch the full 27-minute hangout from April 16, 2013.

Augie Nielsen Erik Morse

Veterans United Home Loans, the Inc. Magazine #29 job creator in the US and Fortune Magazine’s #21 best place to work, has seen some rapid growth in the past few years, and Human Resources Managers August “Augie” Nielsen and Erik Morse have seen them all go through. Nielson and Morse have helped to hire over 1,000 people to work at Veterans United! Check out what those employees are saying makes Veterans United a great place to work.

What makes a great employee? How do you pick who works for Veterans United?

Find out these answers and learn more about Nielson and Morse in an exciting Q-and-A hosted by VetNet and moderated by Kevin Schmiegel, Lt. Col (Ret.) of the US Marine Corps.

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