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Quick — name the last five people you shook hands with.

Give up? Memory can be a fickle thing to manage, full of snippets of conversation and faces. People who memorize things want those memories to remain forever indelible in their mind, so as not to be forgotten. And nothing is more deserving of remembrance than the names of fallen soldiers.

Veterean Ron White Memory Expert

Ron White (right) on deployment in Afghanistan in 2007.

8-year Navy veteran Ron White is a memorization expert who joined the US Navy as a reservist after September 11, and completed a tour in Afghanistan during 2007. His background as a memorization expert and war veteran lead him to honor the fallen in Afghanistan by memorizing the more than 2,200 names of those who had died in Afghanistan.

It’s safe to say that White won’t forget those lost in war.

“When I say that (I won’t forget), I really, really, really mean it,” he told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

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Photo courtesy Ron White