Veterans United Employees Push Up For Charity

A pushup is a simple exercise that most people can do. At Veterans United, we’re doing pushups to raise awareness and support for Boot Campaign’s event PushUps for Charity. Boot Campaign is a nonprofit that promotes patriotism and provides vital assistance to our nation’s service members.

Hero Ambassador, Morgan Luttrell, will travel to Columbia, Mo for the event on June 6, the 70th Anniversary of D-Day.

Veterans United employees will lace up their boots and participate in the 90 second challenge. This event not only supports Boot Campaign but the 1.4 million United States service members currently serving.

Boot Campaign Public Affairs Director Joey Jones talked about the event Pushups for Charity in a Google+ Hangout with Veterans United.

“Pushups for charity is a campaign we started four years,” Jones said. “The boot campaign has been lucky enough to take it in our house and administer and spread it all over the county. Really, it’s a public display of your support of the military, especially our veterans and prior service veterans from past conflict.”

Mark Steines, TV personality and host of Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family” agreed. “It is a representation of your support of the military whether or not you can do 10 or 70,” Steines said. “I mean it’s a lot of push ups in 90 seconds and 90 seconds is a long time to push them out. When you have a pair of military boots on, you begin to feel what it must feel like to walk in their shoes. I think that’s part of what this campaign is all about. It’s like being in their shoes for a day helps create the empathy and the connection.”

And last year’s winner, Veterans United employee Orvil Savery, talked about the importance of the event. Savery managed to do 101 pushups in 60 seconds.

“The pushups, as well as the boots, it’s all a symbol.” Savery explained.  “The more you can contribute to that overall vision of what it’s like to show your support in all those aspects, that’s what kind of kept me going. It’s also endurance but beyond that, it’s showing your support.”

If you’d like to support the Boot Campaign or start your own Pushups for Charity event, visit