Watch 5 Civilians Suffer Through an MRE Taste Test

Veterans United Network’s Levi Newman put up his own stash of MREs (Meals, Ready-to-Eat) for five civilian co-workers to get a taste of the military cuisine our service members get out in the field.

If you’ve got a weak stomach, don’t worry — there’s nothing too gross. Except maybe the omelet.


Video Transcription

Levi Newman: “Hi, I’m Levi Newman with Veterans United Network. Today we are going to have some special guests and they are going to try out some MRE’s for the very first time. They have never had one, they have never opened and they have never heated some food up…. So, are you guys nervous? You should be.

Okay, so go ahead and lean it away from your face. I would recommend that you trade the Tabasco or put it on your food because it makes everything taste definitely better.

Miranda: So guys, I don’t like raisins.

Levi: People like cheese, people like peanut butter… they used to have jelly, I don’t know if they still have jelly.

Now, the second line is for when you start getting down low.

Megan: Are we actually eating it out of the bag?

Levi: Yes.

Megan: Where’s the plate to go with my china?

Levi: We don’t have fine china in a MRE bag!

Every time I do this, it flings off.

Megan: You’re eating an omelet out of a bag! You ready for that?

Levi: Put some hot sauce on it, it makes it all better.

Now I want everybody to experience the omelet. You have to! There you go! Come on, lets go! Mmm!

Miranda: Oh my gosh, it looks like cat nip.

Dani: It’s just as bad as it looks.

Levi: See! That’s how mustaches do it, folks! Mustaches go big.

Megan: Pepper sauce? Does anyone want pepper sauce?

Dani: You should have your water ready.

Megan: They should pull that one off!

Levi: I wanna say that I really appreciate everybody being good sports. This is fantastic.

So it’s been Levi Newman with Veterans United Network. Thanks for joining us on our civilian MRE taste test and we’ll see you next time.”