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Wounded Veterans Find Relief in New Homes

The effort it takes to build specially adapted houses for veterans is a huge but necessary undertaking. Hundreds of soldiers across the country already need our help and more come home each day suffering from life-altering disabilities and injuries sustained while fighting for our freedom. That’s why Homes for Our Troops, a national non-profit, is an organization that’s making a difference.

Founded in 2004, they have remained committed to helping severely injured veterans and their immediate families by providing homes that provide maximum freedom of movement and the ability to live more independently. They do this by coordinating the home building process from start to finish. By raising donations they can purchase building materials and hire professional labor, both of which allow them to offer homes to veterans at no cost.

For the Veterans United Foundation, it seemed natural to assist in such an important endeavor. The foundation is committed to enhancing the lives of veterans and military families nationwide, so they, along with their parent company, Veterans United Home Loans, entered a $500,000, three-year commitment with Homes for Our Troops in order to help build 100 homes nationwide. Veterans United employees and Veterans United Home Loans have combined to pledge and donate more than $3.5 million to veterans since its creation in November 2011.

Because Homes for Our Troops relies heavily on donors and the local community in which they’re building a home, every little bit helps. They are also looking for new home building materials, professional construction services, and key volunteers. If you’re interested in getting involved with a local project, or have new building materials you would like to donate, please contact them on their support page.

Remember, their hope is to have every state in America participate, no matter what state or branch of the military a service member is from. These are our American heroes, and we all need to unite, support and help them.

Note: An eligible Veteran or service member may receive a Veterans Administration Specially Adapted Housing Grant up to a maximum amount of $63,780. Homes for Our Troops’ assistance covers all costs over and above this grant to ensure that the home is provided at no cost to the recipient.

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