5 Simple Social Media Rules Agents Need to Follow

Social Media Rules Agents Should Use

We all follow rules in daily life. Here are the five social media rules you need to follow as an agent.

Real estate agents can zip through the details of a closing statement, rattle off applicable state and national laws and easily explain the intricacies of title transfer.

But in this day and age, we expect more of our agents. Can they tweet? Are they using Facebook for business? Do they have a Google+ page?

Maintaining a social media profile is practically mandatory these days. And the great part about social media is that it allows for errors and experimentation. You don’t have to be a certified social media guru to get started. A few simple social media rules, a dedication to continued learning and some time off the bench can provide all the training you’ll need to build a successful social media presence.

When embarking on your own social media journey, keep these five simple rules in mind:

Rule 1: Post during business hours.

What’s the best time of day to post your social media content? The afternoon.

According to a recent study from link shortening service bit.ly, Facebook and Twitter posts both perform better when published during the post-lunch hours.

Tweets posted from 1-3 p.m. ET Monday through Thursday seem to fly the highest. Posting to Twitter after 8 p.m. seems to be an exercise in futility, as does posting on the weekend.

Facebook users show similar timing preferences. Facebook links posted between 1-4 p.m. ET grab the most attention, and the highest click-through rates are found on 3 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

Rule 2: Get on Google+. Now.

Google+ will quickly change the way website rankings are calculated. Sites that are active on Google+ will rack up more “+1s,” and gradually make their way to the coveted first-page of Google rankings.

Google+ is the fastest growing social media network for a reason. It may not be visually stunning or technologically mind-blowing, but its consequences for search rankings should add it to your “must-do” list. Or at least your “must-check-out” list.

Rule 3: Don’t let social media rule your life.

Social media is an important marketing tool to add to your repertoire. But it can quickly become all-consuming.

Don’t let social media take over your calendar. Post updates and step back to the “real work” of running a real estate business. If you notice yourself constantly refreshing your social networking pages, you have a problem. Schedule your social media use as small chunks of your day, and ignore it the rest of the time.

Rule 4: Mix your content.

Followers can quickly tire of the exact same type of posts. Think of those who you follow and what interests you. How would you respond to an agent who posts one inspiring quote after another and nothing else? Wouldn’t a mix of listings, industry news, fun updates, photos and poll questions be more interesting?

Present a variety of posts to your audience. See what works best and toss out the rest.

Rule 5: See what others are doing, but be unique.

As a novice social media user, inspiration can initially flow like Old Faithful.

But after a few weeks, you’ve lost steam, your posts are getting repetitive and you’re considering jumping the social media ship.

When you’ve run out of post ideas, check out how others in your industry keep their social media presence fresh and innovative. Measure the types of posts that are most popular, and implement successful strategies for your own profile.

And don’t forget to be unique. Put your own local or personal spin on stories to create fresh, original content. Your audience will appreciate your efforts.

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