5 Ways to Keep Buyers Engaged During the Holidays

During the holidays it can be difficult to keep buyers engaged and active in their home search or their loan process if under contract. People travel, they have house guests and their to-do lists get pretty long. It’s easy to see why the house hunt may get sidelined or forgotten when there are so many other things to focus on. As an agent you want to keep your buyers engaged and active in the process through the holiday season. So how do you keep them engaged when they have so many other distractions?

Here are 5 tips to help you keep your buyers engaged during this busy and joyous time:

Send handwritten holiday cards, a small gift or donation to their favorite charity. A handwritten card is less likely to be thrown aside with junk mail and instead put out for display. A small gift featuring a favorite holiday treat or a collection of local seasonal items will be a hit and lets your buyers know you care. Another great alternative is a donation in their name to their favorite charity. Have a pet lover? A donation to a local animal shelter can demonstrate your keen attention to the details of their life.

Discuss their travel plans. In 2014 an estimated 98.6 million Americans were estimated to travel 50 miles or more, according to AAA. Talk with your clients to find out if they have travel plans during the Holidays. If they do, there are several ways you can stay top of mind.

  • Work showings around their travel plans. Working in showings around their travel plans shows you are attentive to their needs. It also keeps the home search top-of-mind.
  • Offer lists of service providers who can ease the travel burden. Do they have pets? Provide a list of pet boarding centers. Do they need their mail held? Provide them with the link or contact information and forms for their local post office.
  • Find out if your local police offer neighborhood watch programs or other services like patrol drive byes when requested. If any services are offered, inform your clients and provide contact information.

Send weekly email updates on new listings. The number of listings may decrease in your area over the holidays, but it doesn’t mean you should stop sending your buyer updates on new listings that meet their predetermined needs and wants. Sending weekly updates keeps the home search on their minds amidst their other holiday commitments.

Pick up the phone. Texts and emails are great, but some things should be communicated over the phone. Consider scheduling a time each week to call each of your clients to check in. During the holiday season it’s a great time to offer warm wishes and spread holiday cheer.

Follow up with their loan officer. If you have a buyer who’s already under contract on the home, it can be easy to let loan document gathering slip amongst the other more exciting activities occurring over the next several weeks. Help keep them on track for closing by staying in contact with their loan officer, and encouraging your buyer to return any documents needed to move forward.