6 Ways to Stand Out as a Real Estate Agent

Stand Out to Your Clients

How can you be the agent who immediately pops into a potential client’s mind?

In any type of market, real estate agents need to stand out from the pack. But how?

We posed a question to the experts: our Military-Friendly Real Estate Agent Facebook community. We asked, “How do YOU stand out as an agent?”

The response was tremendous. And while we couldn’t include all of the valuable insights, we definitely wanted to share a few of the top comments. Without further ado, here’s a look at six ways to stand out as a real estate agent.

1. Good customer service.

Have Excellent Customer Service

It’s certainly not a given that all professionals return phone calls. The best agents, however, understand that a reputation is slowly built through each contact with every customer. That means returning all phone calls and emails with equal respect and diligence.

2. Familiarity with the VA loan process.

Agents Who Know the VA Loan Process

The VA loan program operates under unique guidelines and restrictions. Military-friendly agents understand those guidelines, and help military buyers find homes that will easily pass the VA appraisal. If you’re in need of a refresher, check out this post on VA appraisal guidelines.

3. Going above and beyond.

Stand Out and Go Above and Beyond

The VA appraisal ensures that homes are safe and structurally sound. Any repairs necessary to bring a home up to code must be completed before the loan can close. But some sellers are reluctant to perform those repairs. Agent Angie Griswold Vidt truly goes above and beyond by fixing problems at no cost to her clients. (Angie, you’re my agent if I ever move to Hampton, Virginia.)

4. Familiarity with military lifestyle.

Some Agents Know Military Lifestyle

Ben G says it well. The military lifestyle is full of “little nuances” that are easily understood by those who have served. There may be no population in greater need of a quick purchase or sale than the military community. Agents with a military background are in the perfect position to help PCS’ing service members swiftly buy or sell properties, as well as locate homes that are perfect for a fast resale.

5. Tech-savvy.

Tech-Savvy Agents Have an Advantage

Change is the one constant in technology, and it can be tough to stay on top of the latest trends. One way Clayton Mulford distinguishes himself as an agent is with a focus on technology. Agents who utilize social media networks and other technology effectively can easily stand apart from those who refuse to progress.

6. Showing care with every transaction.

Care and Compassion always Stands Out

As customers, we all want to be treated as people rather than paychecks. Agents like Lori Hanson Chambers are devoted to this practice. Taking the time to hear your client’s thoughts and concerns is an investment that can pay back in a big way. There’s no better compliment than a referral, and there’s no quicker route to a referral than by showing care and respect with each transaction.

Thanks for all you do, military-friendly real estate agents!


Photo courtesy of stevedepelo