How to Be Successful During Peak House-Hunting Season

Peak house-hunting season is near. Temperatures are warming, flowers are blooming and people are preparing to buy and sell homes.

As an agent, you obviously want to meet or better yet exceed last year’s sales. To accomplish this you need a game plan. It’ll take planning and preparation, but you’ll be happy with the time you spent once you start seeing results.

Spring is here - get ready for a busy homebuying season with these tips.

Spring is here – get ready for a busy homebuying season with these tips.

Set Goals

To be successful you need to set goals and evaluate progress. If you’re a seasoned agent, look back at your production for the last several years to help establish a standard. If you’re new to the industry, consult with your broker or a senior agent in your office for help establishing goals.

You may just have one goal or you may have several.

Here are a few to consider:

  • Number of closings
  • Number of new listings
  • Number of active buyers
  • Number of new contacts
  • Number of new followers on social media

Or, you could ditch the numerical goals and go with a goal to become proficient in a particular loan or niche market, such as VA loans. When determining what goals to set, think short term and long term and try to make a few in each category.

Once you’ve established your goals, schedule time on your calendar now to evaluate your progress throughout the season. Make adjustments as necessary to stay on track for success. If you are struggling to meet goals, talk with your broker or other trusted adviser to brainstorm ways to improve.

Get Organized

Is your desktop or vehicle cluttered? Now’s the time to establish organizational habits that will carry you through your career. If you’ve got a few standard forms you use all the time, consider printing of a stack to keep  in a designated folder. You may even want one for the office and one for the car.  If losing receipts is your downfall, keep a ledger or envelope with you to store them.

The first step is identifying the areas in your life that require organization and then you just have to execute. Even small changes like keeping a file box in your trunk with frequently used documents and business cards can make a big impact.

Learn Something New

If you’ve been meaning to establish a social media presence at places like Google+, Twitter or Facebook, now’s the time to learn. Once you’re in peak season you want to be comfortable using your new skill. If you feel overwhelmed your’e more likely to give up half way through.

Or maybe you want to learn more about a particular real estate transaction such as short sales. Now’s the time to establish your book knowledge so when you’re out in the field you’ll have confidence in having built a strong foundation of knowledge.

Get social, engage with your peers and network.

Get social, engage with your peers and network.

Get Active in Your Community

Attend a few community events with business cards in hand. Make it a point to talk to a stranger or two. You never know how connections you make now could lead to a new listing or client in the future.

Now’s also the time to build new connections within the agent community. Attend a few mixers and meetings. Establishing strong relationships with your agent peers can open doors to new opportunities. For example, maybe a connection you meet is getting ready to list a home for sale that your buyers have been eyeing, or maybe an agent you meet has a pocket listing you wouldn’t have heard about otherwise.

If one of your goals this year is to work with more VA buyers, start by asking the question “Did you serve?” And if you ever have VA loan questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email at

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