How Important is Social Media to Real Estate Agents?

Social Media for Agents is Important

Social media has quickly become an integral business tool for Realtors nationwide.

Social media has rapidly become a necessity for successful real estate agents.

Consider these findings from the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) 2013/2014 Realtor Technology Survey: 91 percent of Realtors use social media for their business. On top of that, 42 percent of Realtors use Facebook to display listings. Compare that to the 2008 survey, which showed that only 33 percent of Realtors used social media for their business.

That’s an incredible shift in such a short amount of time. The increase is obviously reflective of the surging popularity of sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and the desire to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Power of Social

Facebook was the most-used social networking site for Realtors in 2013, followed by LinkedIn and Google+. YouTube, Twitter and real estate blogs are also commonly used by real estate professionals. Here’s a look at the breakdown from the survey. This reflects the percentage of respondents who use the specific social networking tool:

  • Facebook: 77%
  • LinkedIn: 75%
  • Twitter: 31%
  • YouTube: 34%
  • Google+: 34%
  • Real estate blogs: 19%
  • Personal blogs: 15%

It seems clear from this data that Facebook is here to stay. Realtors are using Facebook for several facets of their business, including advertising new listings. Nearly half of Realtors surveyed by the NAR reported using Facebook to post their for-sale listings.

Displaying Listings

Here’s a look at the most common ways Realtors listed properties:

  • Facebook: 42%
  • IDX sites: 56%
  • Agent site: 57%
  • Zillow: 71%
  • Trulia: 70%
  • Broker site: 65%
  • 79%

Part of the increasing presence of Realtors on social networking sites is due to the undeniable results. The NAR survey found that more han 50 percent of Realtors feel social networking sites are “important” or “very important” important in generating business.

What are you seeing in your business? How has social media changed the way you market yourself and your properties?

Photo courtesy of Diana Parkhouse