Military Clients Give California Real Estate Agent Sense of Purpose

Vera Nelson Helps Military Buyers Often

Vera Nelson, southern California real estate agent

Agents from coast to coast have vastly different experiences and outlooks to share.

In an effort to spread knowledge among our military-friendly real estate agents, we’re proud to introduce a series of Agent Profiles to the Veterans United Realty blog. Our first profile subject, Bob Stanbrough, showed how veterans can rely on military backgrounds to build successful real estate careers.

Our second profile piece details the career of Vera Nelson, a southern California agent. Vera is a member of the Veterans United Realty network and works frequently with military buyers and VA loan benefits.

Jessi: Tell us a little about yourself.

Vera: I am a southern California native — raised and educated in southern California. I have three children. They are the best accomplishment of my life.

Jessi: How did you get into real estate?

Vera: It began as a suggestion from my mother. I was married to a developer and contractor. We would invest and flip homes. After we divorced, real estate became a livelihood for me to raise my family.

Jessi: What do you enjoy most about working in real estate?

Vera: My clients! Handing them the keys to their own home and seeing their joy gives me great purpose in life. I know this is where a family will thrive and grow through the years. This is where memories will be made and cherished. I have the honor of being one small part of this family’s history.

Jessi: What was your dream career as a child?

Vera: I had a range of dream careers, from doctor to social worker.

Jessi: Why is being a “military-friendly real estate agent” important to you?

Vera: My son-in-law is a Marine veteran. I know that the entire family serves when a loved one is in active duty. I consider it a mission to work with the military. The least we can do is make their dreams of owning a home come true. They have a friend in me, and a commitment.

Jessi: What charitable causes are important to you?

Vera: While in National Charity League, our organization made hundreds of baskets to send overseas with supplies, food and comfort for our men and women in service. A small act for great people who protect us.

Jessi: Tell us about your experience with military buyers.

Vera: There is one client in particular who stands out. He was 22 years old and about to leave for Iraq. During property showings, his family (mother, father, and siblings) were always with me — I never saw him. He told me he just wanted to make sure his family was cared for and had a home. It didn’t matter to him what it looked like. He just wanted them to be happy. All he wanted to do was have a BBQ in his backyard on the 4th of July before he left for Iraq. Well, he had that BBQ! I will never forget that act of love for his family.

Jessi: How is your local real estate market doing?

Vera: The real estate market here in southern California is doing extremely well. There is a home for everyone! And a home to be sold!

Jessi: What advice would you offer to other agents who want to work with military buyers?

Vera: Be prepared for your life to change. There is nothing better than working with a purpose. You will meet the most selfless, amazing people!

Jessi: Can you describe your experience with our partner, Veterans United Home Loans?

Vera: Veterans United Home Loans is a class act. They serve those who serve. I am honored to work with them. They know how to take our clients from step one to the end. It is seamless.

Thanks for your dedication to military families, Vera!

Photo courtesy of Vera Nelson

Disclaimer: Vera is a member of the Veterans United Realty network, a Veterans United Home Loans affiliate.