Set Goals to Keep Your Real Estate Resolutions on Track

Many of us do it every year. We make a list of things we want to try, do better or accomplish. But for many these resolutions fall flat and have already been forgotten by spring. How do you turn a resolution into an accomplishment? The key is setting goals.

Goals are not a vague outline of something. They’re not “I want to do better at…” They’re destinations tied to actions, and there’s clear actionable steps you can take to making those goals.

Maybe you decide that your overarching goal is to increase your sales in 2014. There are a lot of actionable steps you can take here to turn this resolution into reality.

Resolution: Increase real estate sales in 2014 by 10 percent over the last year

Track sales:

  • I will review 2013 sales on a month-by-month basis to establish a baseline
  • I will set a dollar amount or number of contracts per month goal
  • I will create a spreadsheet to track my sales over the course of this year

Improve on Personal Brand:

  • I will choose one new social media outlet and become proficient in promoting my personal brand within 6 months (see below example)
  • I will attend one additional local event each month and take my business cards with me to each event
  • I will get a new headshot by February 15, 2014
  • I will review my website and consider changes to make it more user friendly

Do you see how we were able to turn “increasing profits” into something more specific? Now you have a plan of action, a guide to accomplish your goals. And the list could go on and on. By creating actionable goals with deadlines, it makes an overwhelming task of selling more into smaller actions that you can accomplish bit by bit. Depending on your personality, you can even delve further into each bullet point.

Let’s say I want to focus in on choosing a new social media outlet:

Resolution: Choose one new social media outlet and become proficient within 6 months

Select a Social Media Outlet:

  • Research which forms of social media are best suited for promoting my specific brand. (Currently, Pinterest and Google+ are pretty big players in real estate networking. Choosing one of them may be a good place to start.)
  • Ask around. Do your colleagues use one site over another? Why do they prefer it? Ask five agents by Feb. 15.
  • Understand the purpose of each form of social media and how each outlet is different from another.

Get Started:

  • Find a friend or colleague who is already a master at the chosen site and ask for advice and tips.
  • Research guides or YouTube videos to give me a better understanding of the process.
  • Create an account By Jan. 30, and brainstorm the best name to use (personal name or business name?)
  • Reach out to at least 10 other agents in my area or market to connect with on social media by Feb. 15.
  • Research ways to track potential client engagement.


  • At the six month mark, evaluate my interactions and sense of community on site.
  • Create a list of follow-up goals to take me from proficient to super-star status.

Consider your overarching resolutions for your personal and business life this year. How can you turn those resolutions into reality? Sit down and set goals with deadlines then get to work.

What are your resolutions this year and how do you plan on accomplishing them? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!