Military Families Share Their Homebuying Needs

This month in our Tips From Top Agents webinar we’ll have several real estate agents with close family ties to the military. We’re going to get their expert advice and thought on working with military homebuyers and their families.  Join us Thursday September 25th at 1PM ET for this live event.

Our Guests

Kalai Stringer is the broker and Realtor at Prime Star Realty, LLC in Maysville, NC. She’s the spouse of a proud US Marine Corps Explosive Ordinance Disposal Wounded Veteran. Kalai has 10 years of living through PCS moves, work ups, field training and deployments. Her last two years were spent transitioning from marine spouse to veteran spouse and caregiver. She’s made it her goal to give back to active duty service members, veterans, caregivers and their families by finding homes suitable to their needs and affordability.

Aisha Buycks is an experienced, knowledgeable real estate specialist and US Navy Veteran with Crye-Leike Realtors in Madison, AL. Aisha served 16 years in the Navy, with 10 years active and 6 years in the reserves. Her husband is also a retired US Army Veteran. “Get it done right with Aisha Buycks” is her motto. She dedicates herself to working tirelessly on the behalf of all clients and is especially passionate about giving back to her fellow service members.

Carla Smith is a real estate agent with Keller William Realty in El Paso, TX. Carla is the spouse of an active duty Command Sergeant Major in the US Army. She works with many veterans in the Ft. Bliss area. Carla knows the military and the life of being a military spouse.

Chelsea Hemingway is a principal broker with Real Estate Network Group in Portland, OR.  She entered the real estate industry 10 years ago restoring high end period homes. She then became a real estate agent in 2008 and has worked closely with veterans since. Married to an active duty US Navy Captain, Chelsea uniquely understands the service, sacrifice and dedication of our service members and their families.

Christine Stalonberg is the broker/owner of Cherry Wings Realty in Traverse City, MI. She’s the mother of two sons serving in the US Army, both of which having been deployed. Christine is also a retired fire chief. She has a very strong passion for helping veterans, current service members, law enforcement and firefighters.

Scott Fields is a real estate broker with Crye-Leike Real Estate Services in Atoka, TN. Scott provides a unique perspective and expertise through his own service to our country. Scott is a retired Navy Commander and former Commanding Officer. He experienced 11 military moves in his 32 years of service. He’s a husband and dedicated father of 4 so he understands the challenges military families face when buying a home.

Here’s the questions we’ll address with our military family real estate agents:

1) How has your background shaped your interactions with military buyers?

2) What are the key needs of military homebuyers?

3) What unique challenges do military homebuyers face?

4) What are some situations you can expect to encounter with military homebuyers?

Are there any other questions you’d like our panel to address? Comment below and we’ll try to address as many as we can during our hangout.