Tips From Top Agents: Darrin Friedman on Serving a Growing Niche Market

Effectively reaching a niche market requires an understanding of what makes the buyers in that market unique. At Veterans United Home Loans we strive to provide veterans, military service members and their families with the unique and specialized service they deserve.

As real estate agents, Darrin Friedman and the team at Real Living at Home share the same goal — serving military homebuyers throughout the homebuying process.

It’s important to understand the unique needs of VA buyers because the VA home loan isn’t just growing, it’s booming. In fiscal year 2013 nearly 630,000 VA home loans were guaranteed, a 370 percent increase from FY 2007.

(Check out the latest VA loan statistics in your state to see how your local market growth compares to nationwide numbers.)

So how do you provide the unique and specialized service veterans and service members deserve? Darrin and our other great guests give you tips and insight during our hangout (watch recap above or full hangout here).

Here’s a small sampling of Darrin’s thoughts and tips — watch the hangout for a complete discussion.

What would you define as a niche market?

I define a niche market by people who are looking and seeking information in a particular way. For instance, I believe Pinterest users are a niche market. I believe people who like dogs are a niche market. It’s not just ages and how much people make that determine where they live — it’s the lifestyle in which they choose. Lifestyle is the ultimate niche market.

What strategies or tips would you recommend to a new agent wanting to enter a niche market?

Be open minded. You never know who will want to live where. The old rules are gone. Gentrification has changed everything and people no longer feel defined by previous paradigms. 

Among other specialties, your company can proudly boast a specialized expertise in serving veterans and military homebuyers. Why was this important to you and what has it done for your agents and your business?

Nothing is more important to us than helping our veterans. They have sacrificed so much the least we can do is serve them in anyway possible. If we can make their lives even a little bit easier than we have done our job. 

To find out more about Darrin’s business and how you can better serve a niche market, set aside 30 minutes to watch our Tips From Top Agents hangout here

Darrin Friedman is a real estate agent and Co-CEO at Real Living at Home located in Washington D.C. You can follow him and Real Living at Home on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.