Top 5 Concerns of Relocating Military Homebuyers

We recently asked our social media followers what they found most challenging about relocating.


Here are five of the issues we saw repeated again and again. I’ve put them together with some tips on how you, their real estate agent, can best serve the needs of your relocating homebuyers.

Finding New Service Providers

How do I find a new doctor, plumber, etc? 

When you work with a buyer relocating to your community, you may be their first real connection. Provide a list of recommended service providers to help them establish more connections.

Your buyers want a mover they can trust.

Your buyers want a mover they can trust.

Finding Reliable Movers

Will all my stuff be safe and arrive in once piece? 

Trusting a moving company with all of your belongings can be a tough on a long journey. Provide a list of reputable movers your previous clients have recommended as trustworthy and safe.

Finding a Job as a Military Spouse

How will I find a job? 

When an active duty service member receives orders to relocate, their spouse or significant other may have to find a new job in their new community. Provide your buyers with any resources you’re aware of such as job fairs or local agencies who may assist them in the job hunt.

Finding the Right School

How will I find a good school for my kids? 

A great way to impress your clients is directing them to resources such as board of education websites that will help them make the decision on which school is best for their children. You could also include a list of neighborhoods for each school district so they can narrow their home search once they’ve found a school they like.  But be careful not to provide information that could violate the code of ethics.

Finding Out What Makes Your Community Unique

Where should I shop, dine and play? 

Create a list, guide or Pinterest board with links to activities, restaurants and other attractions so that your relocating buyers can start exploring their new city. Also consider providing the location of the nearest VA hospital, DMV, post office and VFW.

As a real estate agent, you have a unique opportunity to introduce your relocating homebuyer to your community. Be the expert they need during this transition and provide them with the resources to settle in quickly and live like a local.

If you have any additional tips, please share them in the comments below.