Two Simple Ways to Maximize Your Twitter Presence

According to Twitter’s official blog, “The quality of your content — how interesting, conversational and useful it is — ultimately determines how engaged your followers will be.”

But how do we know exactly how interesting, conversational and useful our content is? Engaging with people online is extremely important for gaining a presence in social media. Measuring the success of your content is even more important.

We can help you get a good start.

Having an effective Twitter strategy can make or break your reputation in social media. So, get started today.

Having an effective Twitter strategy can make or break your reputation in social media. So, get started today.

Measure Your Tweets

It’s important to thoroughly understand the consumers you are hoping to target with your content. Twitter Analytics is a fast, easy and effective way to gauge consumer insights. It’s easy to get caught up in posting what we think is effective — but consumers may be telling you differently.

Get familiar with the details of Twitter Analytics:

  • You can view how many favorites/retweets/replies each tweet received
  • You can see how many “clicks” each tweet received
  • Breaks down your tweets into “Best,” “Good” or “All” so you can see which content was popular among your followers
  • Helps you see exactly which tweets your consumers are engaging with and what tweets they aren’t

@veteransunited example: I share content on the Veterans United Realty Twitter account.  This Twitter account shares content that is mostly related to real estate, VA loans and the military. I post some random content, such as “where to vacation for the summer”, just to add variety.

But Twitter Analytics tells us that our followers don’t need that random content. They’re more interested in content related to real estate, VA loans and the military.

How do we know this?  When I go into my “timeline activity” under the analytics tab on Twitter Analytics, I can look at all of my tweets and see how many “clicks” each tweeted link received. This is also where I can see how many favorites, retweets or mentions that tweet received.

The amount of “clicks” each link received is extremely important because ultimately it shows how engaged your followers are with your content. If you are getting zero clicks, your content isn’t intriguing to your followers.

Or perhaps it isn’t your content. Maybe the real issue is that you are posting at the wrong time of day. That brings us to FollowerWonk.

Measure your followers lets you see what times of day your followers are active, where your followers are located in the world, how many followers your followers have, the ages of your followers and so much more to help you tailor your tweets to your followers.

One marketing professional who makes use of FollowerWonk is Sarah Curtis, Emerging Social Media Manager at Veterans United Home Loans.

“Using FollowerWonk has allowed me to tailor my tweets with timely and relevant content that resonates with my audience. Realtors can use this same method to grow their presence, network, and client base,” said Curtis.

Additionally, FollowerWonk shows a bio word cloud of your followers.

A bio word cloud shows the most frequent occurring words from each follower. For example, ours are military, real estate and USA. From this, we can conclude that we are attracting the right kind of followers, since we are a real estate Twitter account associated with a VA loan company who serves the military. If our bio word cloud contained “sports, championship, Brazil” we would conclude that we aren’t attracting the followers we want.

Who is your target audience on Twitter? What do you want to accomplish with your Tweets?

Who is your target audience on Twitter? What do you want to accomplish with your Tweets?

Track Your Tweeters

You can also track how many followers you have gained and lost. Don’t panic! Losing followers is not the end of the world. It happens to the best of us. It may even be a follower who you shouldn’t be concerned about keeping in the first place. allows you to view the specific followers who have followed and unfollowed your account. For example, last week I noticed I gained two new followers who had accounts focused on real estate (this is good news). The majority of the followers that I lost over the past few weeks weren’t real estate focused accounts. This means my content is pulling in the right kind of Twitter accounts who I want to be interacting and sharing information with.

Creating a Twitter strategy may seem overwhelming at first, but it’s certainly worth the effort. If you’re going to tweet, tweet effectively!

“Take a dive into the data and create a plan today.  You won’t regret it,” says Curtis.

Photos courtesy of David Berkowitz and shawncampbell