Veterans Day 2012: Real Estate Agents Say Thanks

Happy Veterans Day and Thank You

Thank you, Veterans and Active-Duty Service Members.

Every day feels like Veterans Day across the Veterans United Network.

The Military-Friendly Real Estate Agents Facebook community is one special niche of that network. Each day, our member agents take time to voice their support for the military. As a special Veterans Day tribute, we’re sharing a few of the thousands of “thank you” messages posted by agents to our Facebook page.

Thanks for all you have given to your country, veterans and active-duty service members. Our words can only convey a portion of the gratitude that you deserve. Happy Veterans Day 2012.


God Bless All of Our TroopsBarbara Williams

“God bless all of our troops who put themselves in harms way here and abroad! We love all of you! Thank you so much for protecting the USA!”


Dianece Hollingsworth Thanks VeteransDianece Hollingsworth

“Thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart. I would bow down to you and thank you by kissing your boots if I could meet you in person. That’s how much I appreciate you!”


Susan Mangan Thanks VeteransSusan Mangan

“The National Guard was a huge help in Springfield, Mass. last year after our June 1 tornado. Even simple things like directing traffic when much of our city was an obstacle course was so helpful. Thank you National Guard!”


I am proud to be a veteranPaul Martis

“I am proud to be a veteran and all active and retired military personnel deserve our respect and sincere gratitude.”


Louise Caporaletti Thanks VeteransLouise Caporaletti

“Helping those wonderful Military families who have given so much to protect all of us. Now it is our turn to help you get back to a normal way of life, starting with housing. God Bless You All.”


I feel honored to serve military membersJames Hickman

“I feel honored to serve members of our military and their families. Thank you… feels incredibly inadequate to express our gratitude for your service and sacrifice. If ever there were heroes, each member of our military who has honorably served our country certainly fills to overflowing that description in my eyes!”

Blessings and Thank YousLinda Arquieta

“Blessings and thank you for all you do for us.”



Thank you paratroopersMechele Monji-Carter

“Thank you Paratroopers & ALL Members of the Military. There are NO words to express our appreciation for defending our country. I also can’t thank enough the families left at home waiting for their loved ones & our heroes to return safely HOME! God bless our military & God bless the USA!!!!!”


Thanks for the kind messages, agents! Happy Veterans Day to all!