What is 2nd Tier Entitlement?

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What is 2nd Tier Entitlement?

Qualified borrowers have two layers of entitlement. Together, the 1st tier and the 2nd tier combine to create the VA guarantee. The second additional layer of entitlement can help borrowers who have experienced foreclosures, or other major problems with VA loans.

Thanks to 2nd Tier Entitlement, even a veteran who defaults on a VA loan can still purchase again. It's important to note on the 2nd Tier Entitlement purchase, there's a minimum loan amount of $144,000.

This entitlement will also help you to have two VA loans at one time.

For more information, please call Veterans United Home Loans to speak with a VA Loan Specialist.

Call 800-884-5560 to speak with one of our VA mortgage specialists, or Get Started Now
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