How to Apply for Command Sponsorship

This is the second in a two-part series on Command Sponsorship.

Command sponsorship is a hot topic for spouses and dependents of service members hoping to accompany their loved one overseas. The most common command sponsorships are granted in European countries but are also used for many Asian countries as well as families moving to Hawaiian bases.

Traveling overseas with your spouse

Command sponsorship can be complicated but its the easiest way to travel with your spouse overseas.

Applying for Command Sponsorship

Getting command sponsorship for your move has a number of benefits for spouses and dependents. From use of base facilities to reimbursement of travel expenses, you may be surprised to learn all of the things command sponsorship can do for you.

Check out the following list if you’re hoping to receive command sponsorship for your family’s move. Be aware that each branch, region and base may have special requirements that you can ask your current commander about.

    1. The first step in getting command sponsorship is to really understand what command sponsorship is. In the most basic sense it allows service member’s dependents to travel with them and have the government pay for it. For instance, European command sponsorships are approved for a three-year accompanied deployment.
    2. Once you understand what a Command Sponsorship is, you’re ready to start filling out some paperwork. DA Form 4187 is among the most important because it contains the actual permission from your current command. This form will have to be signed by the service member and their commander upon approval.
  1. Once you have current command approval, you’ll want to start filling out DA Form 5888, which confirms the health of all traveling dependents. Ensure you start this process well in advance because it can take around three months to obtain full approval. Health screenings must take place at approved military care facilities. Results must be mailed to the Army hospital where they will be approved and then you can forward them to your destination.
  2. While you wait for approval on your current tax documents, you’ll need to fill out a few other forms and have them handy. First, you’ll need your Enlisted Record brief provided by the Squadron S1 section. You’ll also need to fill out DD Form 2792.
  3. One of the final steps in getting command sponsorship is gathering documents, which can include: notarized copies of marriage and birth certificates, proof of custody and the actual PCS orders for assignment.
  4. Once all of your documents are collected and the approved health screenings are mailed, service members must arrive on base with their packet for approval. This approval process usually takes about three weeks.

Get a Head Start

Although numerous documents and forms are required, as long as you get a solid head start on applying, you should have no problem getting approval for command sponsorship without delay and start enjoying all of the great benefits that go with the official approval.

Photo courtesy of Official U.S. Navy Imagery