Eleven Employers Pledge to Add 15,000 New Military-Friendly Jobs

Creating new jobs for veteran employment

First Lady Michelle Obama recently announced that 11 employers will add 15,000 military-friendly jobs in the next two years.

Nearly a U.S. dozen companies have pledged to add 15,000 jobs for military spouses and veterans over the next two years.

First Lady Michelle Obama recently made the announcement as her “Joining Forces” program neared its one-year anniversary. The initiative aims to spread awareness and support military families by focusing on education, employment and wellness.

“We’re working hard on their behalf because we’re proud of them,” Mrs. Obama told reporters. “Whatever comes up in life along the way, these types of
jobs will give them the type of flexibility and portability they’ll need to succeed, not just in their careers, but the rest of their lives as well.”

Eleven private companies agreed to add jobs as part of the administration’s Military Spouse Employment Partnership.

Flexible Jobs

Unemployment continues to plague the military community, and spouses haven’t been spared. Between being the only caretaker for the family during deployments and the strong possibility of moving across state lines, even the best-qualified military spouses have difficulty finding employment.

This hiring wave is designed to perhaps fit better with the military lifestyle. Many of these jobs can be done from home and are easily transferable to new locations or are located near military bases. The flexibility of working from home or near base helps spouses find work and, most importantly, keep it.

“Military spouses often are the most talented and most resilient and most employable people around,” Mrs. Obama said.

New Companies

The hope with this initiative is to meet military spouses where they are as opposed to offering jobs that are impractical. Check out the list of some highlighted companies along with their pledges to provide military-friendly jobs:

  • Alpine Access: 3,000 military-connected Americans over two years.
  • Arise Virtual Solutions: 10,000 over the next several years.
  • DialAmerica: Increase military-related employees to 20 percent by 2014.
  • Hilton Hotels: Additional 3.5 percent of Hilton@Home positions to military spouses.
  • Prosperity America: Hire 50 new veteran and military spouse employees.
  • Quality Contact Solutions: Creating 150 new at-home positions over the next two years for military spouses.
  • Agility Marketing: Adding 100 jobs for military spouses and veterans.
  • QCSS Inc.: Ensuring at least 10 percent of new hires will be military spouses.
  • SP Data: Adding over 150 new jobs for military spouses and veterans over two years.
  • Veteran Call Center, LLC: Creating an additional 1,000 jobs for military spouses and veterans over the next two years.

Photo courtesy of AN HONORABLE GERMAN via Flickr.