Credit Building

A solid credit history is important to buying a home, but a low score doesn't have to keep you from owning a home.

Offering free advice to solidify your credit score

Like it or not, having a solid credit score has a huge role in the homebuying process. Not only does it help determine whether you'll be approved for a loan, but your credit score also dictates the interest rate you'll qualify for.

Earning and maintaining a good credit score is easier said than done when life throws you a curveball.

Military families often face additional challenges when it comes to building and maintaining a good credit score. Frequent relocation, deployment and other issues can take a toll on finances.

That’s why Veterans United Home Loans created a dedicated program to help overcome some of these obstacles to homeownership. Our Veterans United Lighthouse Program is a free service that provides would be homeowners the resources and tools to improve their financial profile. With live credit experts on staff providing guidance every step of the way, the Lighthouse Program has helped more than 2,000 service members, veterans and their families finance the home of their dreams.

For more information about the Veterans United Lighthouse Program, call us directly at 800-698-5158 or create your free Lighthouse account today.

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