Our Communities are Better #THANKS TO

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Veterans United is hitting the road to showcase how America’s communities are better #ThanksToVeterans.

We’re traveling from coast to coast, celebrating Veteran camaraderie, community service and the countless ways Veterans continue to serve and strengthen our neighborhoods and our nation. The tour features our Military Advisors, the former senior enlisted leaders of each branch of the Armed Forces.

With help from our Proud Veteran Homeowner groups, these six inspiring military leaders will rally other Veterans to service projects that improve communities and the lives of fellow Veterans. They’ll connect, share stories and stand shoulder-to-shoulder once again, highlighting how Veterans continue to impact our communities during a lifetime of service.

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Bring the #ThanksToVeterans Tour to Your Community

Do you know of a Veteran-focused cause or organization in your community that could benefit from a little extra support? Let us know, and we may bring the tour to you!

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On Veterans Day 2021, we gave 11 homes to 11 Veterans, because America's communities are better #ThanksToVeterans

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