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Many of our successful branch managers came from highly profitable businesses. With Veterans United, they were able to exceed their personal expectation of success. Here’s what some of them had to say about their branch partner experiences.

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Rob Quinn

National Branch Production Manager

Rob Quinn
Amanda Dusenberry

Amanda Dusenberry

Branch Manager, Tennessee - NMLS #12419

I went from being a high producer to one of the top producers.

“I decided to join Veterans United based on their impressive back-end support. My team and I were already high producers in our area, but joining Veterans United has pushed us even higher in our market! My team of just three loan officers produced more than 850 loans in 2013. Just two years later in 2015, my team closed 1078 loans. I’ve been able to help more families find homes by working at Veterans United. And Veterans United’s ability to streamline processes and continuously improve efficiencies is invaluable to my business. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join the team!”

Aaron Giarrana

Aaron Giarrana

Branch Manager, Virginia Beach - NMLS #266225

I had the best month of my career within my first 12 months at Veterans United.

“Honestly, I was very hesitant to join Veterans United because I didn’t see how I could be successful if I only focused on VA Loans. Now, I only wish I’d done it sooner. Within my first year with Veterans United, I had the best month of my career—and I’d been in the mortgage industry for 10 years. To have my best month ever after 10 years in the industry, that’s saying something for focusing on a niche market.”

Chad Bowman

Chad Bowman

Branch Manager, Austin, TX - NMLS #141475

I increased my origination volume by more than 70 percent after my second year.

“At my previous company, I couldn’t build a team. My desire was to turn my mortgage ‘job’ into my mortgage ‘business.’ That is what Veterans United gave me. The biggest challenge for me as a Branch Manager is the enormity of the opportunity. There is so much more potential for growth! I have the opportunity to represent the largest VA purchase loan lender in the country every day while servicing my fellow veterans.

I’ve never seen such a committed group of people work together for a common cause. Having a Regional Manager to turn to, for instance, has been a priceless benefit that I didn’t realize would be so critical to our branch success.

During my second year at Veterans United, I increased my total origination volume by over 70 percent. That was the ‘proof in the pudding.’ Veterans United’s use of technology has given me the ability to take my customer service goals and ideas and roll them out daily. I also enjoy the name recognition that comes with being part of Veterans United and the thousands of great online reviews the company has, which customers associate with our branch.”

Nick Schuster

Nick Schuster

Branch Manager, Bellevue, NE - NMLS #9616

My branch is the #1 VA Lender in our market*.

“Veterans United offered something different I had never experienced. The people, the passion and the mission to genuinely help Veterans buy homes aren’t just words in their mission statement; they’re a way of life. More than two years later, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I love my Veterans United family and what we are able to accomplish and represent together!

Starting a branch with Veterans United has been hard but extremely rewarding. We are the #1 VA Lender in our market*, I am working with more realtors and agents than ever before, and most of them are working with me because of the support we have through Veterans United. It has opened doors that I didn’t even know where there, and it’s allowed my team to accomplish some amazing achievements.

I measure our success by the number of lives we affect. Being able to positively affect our coworkers, customers and those in need through the nonprofit, employee-funded Veterans United Foundation is so important to us. We continue to break records individually and as a team, and this is a result of the Veterans United Experience we deliver for every customer. When you do the small things right, those small things lead to big things. That’s success to us. Veterans United has helped me be better at the small things so we can do the big things better as a branch.”

* Source: CBMI Market Share reports for VA guaranteed mortgages for the period of Jan. through Sept. 2015.

Ashley Taylor

Ashley Taylor

Loan Officer/Branch Manager, Richmond, VA - NMLS #873804

We use Veterans United’s resources like Lighthouse to enhance community lives.

“While working for another company, a military spouse called me. She was frantically looking for a home, but her credit score was too light. My company couldn’t help her, so I researched ‘VA mortgage lenders’ for someone who could, and I found Veterans United’s Lighthouse Program. I sent her to Veterans United. When we witnessed just how far Veterans United would go to help veterans, we knew it was the place for us.”

Nino Rosado

Nino Rosado

Loan Officer/Branch Manager, Richmond, VA - NMLS #1079042

“Working at Veterans United has given us the chance to not only grow in our careers, but also to grow as people. We’re able to give back to the community, attend local events and be involved with our homebuyers. We aren’t just loan originators. We’re a resource to local veterans and service members and the community, and we’re proud to bring the Veterans United experience to Richmond.”

Chris Cano

Chris Cano

Executive Director of Business Development and Education - NMLS #879294

We had the chance to grow and open two additional offices.

“I was fresh out of the Navy in 2012 and entering the work force. I met Tony at a real estate event where he was speaking, and I was so moved by his words that I wanted to get involved with him and his work. Tony saw potential for me to grow at Veterans United. I built up a team around me and used leadership skills that I honed during my time in the Navy. Tony and I worked closely during the course of three years, and in 2014, we were able to develop a business partnership that allowed us to flourish both in Hawaii—where Tony’s office is—and open a new Veterans United office in San Diego.

Tony and I worked in tandem and focused on using our individual strengths to build up our teams. Working with a supportive business partner like Tony has given us both the chance to be successful in ways we may not have been able to be without each other. Veterans United gave us that opportunity.”

Tony Dias

Tony Dias

Branch Manager - NMLS #222836

“Working at Veterans United gives Chris and me the chance to help as many veterans as possible with different aspects of their lives. We hire veterans and create leaders; we don’t just help veterans buy homes. Our work together has given us the opportunity to help veterans in Hawaii, California and beyond.

Having the Veterans United mission behind us makes it easy for us to stay focused. And Chris and I have support and room to grow from the rest of the team at Veterans United. If you have a lid on someone who wants to grow, they’ll be discouraged want to leave. We have had every chance to grow and expand our success, and we have nothing but great things to say about Veterans United because of that.”

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