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    Veterans United and the team of Tom Champion and Jennifer Simms were very professional from the beginning until the very end. My process was a 2 year process because of financial issues and foreclosure. I reached out to Veterans United for assistance and solutions. I received a call back from Tom Champion and he was very professional and honest. He told me that it may take a couple of years and that I needed to be very patient. When the time period lapsed Tom reached out to me again and informed me that I could begin searching for a home. I was never sold any false hopes or dreams. Tom was very upfront. The closing process was becoming a little unbearable, not because of the Veterans United team or myself, but because the builder was not responding or providing documents in a timely. Tom Champion and Jennifer Simms reassured me that they would do everything they could to ensure I closed on the home prior to deployment which was 10 days away. I closed on my home in the next couple of days and had enough time to get my family situated prior to deploying.

    Once again I would like to thank Veterans United, Tom Champion, and Jennifer Simms for their professionalism, customer service focus attitude ensuring that I will have a stress free deployment.

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    Trusted lender, responsive, and offered a great interest-rate. Closing occurred timely

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    Quick and easy home buying process!

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    In dealing with United Home Loans I felt that they were very precise with everything. There was more paper work that I have ever seen in my life but after a while I began to realize you were looking out for your company and I felt that you was looking out for me as well. I am a very proud veteran in the Vietnam era and I recommend
    every veteran to purchase a home through Veterans United Home Loans.
    Thank you very much for giving us this chance to purchase a home through Veterans United Home Loans.

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    When they tell you NOT to make a purchase that will show up on your credit DON'T, it could mess up the whole process. What I didn't know they stands until the very last day when you have signed your contract.

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    This was a good experience . Always keep the communication lines open and you will have the valuable positive experience that will place you in a home.

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    We have been very pleased with this company and would definitely use them again!!

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    Be patient.

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    I would prefer a local team to have the face to face as well as more of a personable group of people who know your case from start to finish and not having to restate your case every time you talk to someone.

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    If you are looking for a great team of people who see you as a family man (or single man), there is no other place to look! Veterans United knows how to do things the right way, and prepares you for any possible outcome. They are more than just a team of lenders, they are my friends!

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