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    Many thanks to Jon and his team for their outstanding professionalism throughout the entire refinance process!

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  5. 5 / 5
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    There are two complex systems I know nothing about: mortgage loan processing and electronic forms management. Despite my frustrations, the team at Veterans United led me through the maze until we reached our goal. BZ, and thanks!

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    Hey good news, Jason: we just closed escrow today –picking up the keys tonight. Seriously, thanks so much for all your help. My wife and I were so struck by how awesome you’ve been from start to finish. Throughout the whole process you made us feel you were right with us, answering all our questions, and addressing all our concerns, like a good friend. Remember that one pressing question I had during escrow signing two days ago? And you called my cell like 5 minutes after to give me the answer? When it was like 9pm for you there in Columbia, Missouri? You consistently gave us honest advice, and never once made us doubt you were on our side. We’re glad we met you and know your future clients will have the same excellent experience we had with you.

    If we can sum up your professionalism and customer care in just a few words: above and beyond. Bam. Mic drop. –Hank C.

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    Chris Holdman was very helpful, patience, knowledgeable, and accessible at all times with I Samina and Brian through this amazing journey. We are a military family in desperate need to buy a home. He made sure he was available even during his off time. He never left a question unanswered or approached. We were so discouraged with the first house seller to where we almost didn't buy a house. Chris did not pressure us at all. Instead he remain patience and available for us. During the process of finding a better home we knew we could continue to rely on Chris for the process of buying a home. Even though he was our loan processor, his mannerism and professionalism was more than we could ask. We truly feel we made a friend. Chris Holdman is what this company needs and as long as he is to represent and assist home buyers, thus company will continue to do great and grow. Thanks Chris Holdman for this wonderful experience. We are happy with our new home. Samina and Brian Wilson

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    This company is awesome The whole company seems to be EX military that works as a military Unit thats on a mission For The Veteran That is Trying to get Refinanced They will get it done if all your requirements are met They tell you like it is The amazing thing about this company and Josh is It is WORKING for the VETERAN and you will know it as it starts to unfold Don't even go to any organization These people are the REAL DEAL There was another guy that worked with Josh and his name is Zack The reason I'm mentioned him is because Zack at some point is the Finishing Guy That makes sure all the T'S or crossed and I"s are dotted They worked like Peas and Carrots PeanutButter and Jelley Beans and Rice In food together they made the process easy step at a time Cant lose with is company Thanks again Josh and Zack

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    After running into constant problems with my previous loan officer at USAA, I decided to switch lenders with only 2 weeks left to close. I decided to go with Veterans United. With only 2 weeks left to close the sellers agent became skeptical and was upset that I switched lenders and wanted to terminate the deal. I spoke with a rep by the name of Ute Joppian at Verterans United and explained my situation to her about my loan officer at USAA (non return phone calls, confusing my loan file with someone else's on two different occasions etc.) Ute then ask for & check my information and basically said no sweat without saying it. Working with the Veterans United team made my home buying process smooth and fast. They were able to get the deal completed and I closed two days before my actual closing date with only two weeks to get everything done. Veterans United # 1 in my book!

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    Great job

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    Great experience if you need help they are great advice is great they are all very professional.

  19. 4.5 / 5
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    great way to get into a home with 0 down. I get panic attacks and I have anxiety but this was much much easier than I would of expected. a little rush at the end but overall great deal.

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    Theyre passionate about making Veterans homeowners

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    Mr.Chris Holdman (Mr. H) , Ms. Plank and Ms. Fitzgerald worked tirelessly together on my loan to get me into my brand new home. I really got to know the VU team through the constant communication keeping me well informed of my loan status ever step of the way. Applicants I'm sure any VU loan officer can assist you but If you really want a team who will go FAR and BEYOND the call of duty please call "the Peace of Mind" Team officers Mr. Holdman, Ms. Plank or Ms. Fitzgerald case closed.

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    Even though we had some crazy curves with our appraisal and the requirements that were needed for that, everyone through VA home loans was very nice. We worked with two branches and they are all very professional and very helpful!!

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    It's a long process, but all the patience paid off and now we own our second home thanks to Veterans United.

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    So glad I was eligible for VA loan so I could buy my home without having large amt money.

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    You will have the best team on your side. A1.

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