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“Truly Remarkable Service”
Veterans United was honored to help U.S. Marine and paralympic athlete Omar Bermejo secure his new home. See more stories like Omar's at InsideVU →
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  1. 5 / 5
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    Kevin and Jackie are an exceptional people. The entire process can be frustrating and particularly intrusive but talking to Jackie brings relief every time.

  2. 4 / 5
    Would Recommend

    I would work with VU again. Chad Bowman was outstanding. Thank you very much, sir!

  3. 5 / 5
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    Please use The Veterans United Home Loan, as it is so easy and you are treaded with respect.

    Enjoy your experience.

    Thank you for helping us.

  4. 5 / 5
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  5. 5 / 5
    Would Recommend

    Great Company to work with. Maggie was excellent. If we had a question about anything she answered it. Maggie and her team went above anything we could ever ask for. We will recommend Veterans United to anyone that we can.

  6. 5 / 5
    Would Recommend

    This company makes it a smooth process for first time buyers and I am sure it is only easier with experience. I will definitely trust VA united for any future home purchases.

  7. 5 / 5
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  8. 4.5 / 5
    Would Recommend

    All the players did an outstanding job for me . I had lots of problems and all personal did an outstanding job keeping me calm.

  9. 5 / 5
    Would Recommend

    To fellow veterans: If you are buying a home, I highly recommend Veterans United. They make a complex and stressful process easy and enjoyable.
    I thoroughly enjoyed working with them! Their on line information is is simple to understand.

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  11. 5 / 5
    Would Recommend

    very wonderful experience. Thank you to all

  12. 4 / 5
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  13. 5 / 5
    Would Recommend
  14. 5 / 5
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  15. 0.5 / 5
  16. 5 / 5
    Would Recommend

    This being my first home buyer, all Veteran's United made this a pleasant experience. They answered all my questions along the way (no matter how trivial) and communicated to all outside teams to ensure the closing was completed on time without sacrificing the quality of work completed by the builder.

  17. 5 / 5
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  18. 5 / 5
    Would Recommend

    As a former Marine I highly recommend using this company. They will take care of everything they can including dealing with the V.A. This was my first home buying experience and it was as simple as could be.

  19. 5 / 5
    Would Recommend
  20. 4.5 / 5
    Would Recommend
  21. 5 / 5
    Would Recommend

    Very friendly and courteous. From the top to bottom they did all they could to help. My only suggestions would be to demand better service from the appraisers

  22. 5 / 5
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  23. 5 / 5
    Would Recommend
  24. 4 / 5
    Would Recommend
  25. 5 / 5
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  26. 2 / 5

    While I had a great experience with the loan process STAY away from thier "preferred veteran friendly Real ESTATE Agents". The small bonus at the end does not compare to the frustration and financial cost of dealing with them. Find your own Agent who will really look out for your best interests and not thier own.

  27. 5 / 5
    Would Recommend

    All you need to do is contact them and the Veterans United team takes care of the rest !!

  28. 5 / 5
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  29. 5 / 5
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  30. 5 / 5
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  31. 5 / 5
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