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Your Guide to
Better Homebuying

Our instructors have the right courses and tools to give you confidence and know-how for your homebuying journey.

Step 1: Get Ready for Homeownership

Why start here?

Gain the knowledge that leads to a successful homeownership whether it's your first or next home.

What you'll learn:

Assess your readiness for homeownership, improve your credit scores, and find the best loan for you.

Step 2: Start the VA Loan Process

We'll guide you through the VA Loan process

The VA Loan is a lifeline for military homebuyers, many of whom find difficulty when faced with tough credit standards and down payment requirements.

What can your service do for you?

Get a loan for $0 DOWN using the VA Benefit earned through your military service


Step 3: Find and Buy the Right Home

What you'll learn:

Find the right agent, define your wants and needs, and get the best deal on the home of your dreams while keeping your feet on the ground.

Step 4: Stay on Track with Your Purchase

You're almost there

In these lessons, we'll take you from getting your contract accepted, to signing your closing paperwork, and beyond.

What you'll learn

Avoid underwriting hiccups while keeping your loan file strong.

Learn from the Experts

Let our Homefront Academy Instructors prepare you for a better homebuying experience