Dress Your Home to Sell With Quick DIY Fixes

Active duty homeowners know relocation is always lurking around the corner.

A PCS can kick-start the home-selling process, and some homeowners can find themselves short on time when it comes to prepping their property.

Here’s a list of some simple do-it-yourself fixes that can help get your home ready quickly and cost-effectively:


A fresh coat of paint is a quick and easy way to completely change the look of a room or the entire house. When repainting, pick neutral colors that appeal to a wide range of people.


If you’re trying to sell your home on a tight budget, de-cluttering is a great way to change a room without spending any money. Not only will this give a sleek and organized look, but you can also box up the knickknacks and start some early packing.

Energy Efficiency

Buyers are interested in how efficient a home is. If you live in an older home, consider installing a programmable thermostat. This allows you to avoid running the heat or air conditioning while you sleep or are out of the house. You should also check for drafts around windows and doors and re-caulk all of the seals. Having old, dirty caulking around your windows may not seem like a big deal, but small details let buyers know the place has been taken care of.

Curb Appeal

A little curb appeal goes a long way. Get some plants, add a little mulch and pull weeds, especially around the front door. Even something simple like new address numbers or a fresh coat of paint on the mailbox can give a great first impression. Check out these six quick do-it-yourself projects.


If your home has wallpaper, take it down and paint the walls. Even though this can be time consuming, a little sweat equity can help your home rise above the competition. For tips on how to remove wallpaper, check out this guide.


Crown molding and baseboards can add architectural interest. If you want to dress up the dining room or master bedroom, consider putting up some crown molding. If you don’t feel comfortable cutting the molding yourself, you can purchase a kit or ask someone at a hardware store help you out.

New Hardware

If you’re trying to update the look of your kitchen but don’t have the money or time for new cabinets, consider replacing the kitchen sink with something modern. It’s a lot cheaper than getting new cabinets but still changes the look of the room.

The same goes for dated light fixtures, switches and plugs. Updating the fixture in the bathroom or dining room can completely change the feel.

You also have the option to fix squeaking doors, buff up scuffed flooring, or replace any doors that have trouble shutting all the way.

With any projects you take on yourself, remember that if buyers think they will have to spend a lot of time and money renovating, they’re probably not going to want to make an offer. But, if done correctly, these quick fixes make a home move-in ready and help you sell fast.

All these quick fixes are sure to make a home move-in ready, but without curb appeal, your house might not attract enough attention for those who judge the book by its cover.