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About Operation Gratitude & Our Partnership

Operation Gratitude is the largest nonprofit in the country for hands-on volunteerism in support of Military, Veterans, and First Responders. Since 2003, the organization has delivered more than 2.6 Million Care Packages and has provided opportunities for countless Americans to forge strong bonds with their Military and First Responder heroes through volunteer service projects, acts of gratitude, and meaningful engagements in communities nationwide. Care Packages include much-needed care items like entertainment products, handmade items, hygiene products, snacks, personal letters of gratitude, and more.

Veterans United has joined Operation Gratitude’s Coalition to Support COVID-19 Frontline Responders, one of the largest coordinated efforts nationwide to support those helping keep Americans safe during this pandemic. Through this initiative, over 5 million items will be sent to support 300,000 frontline responders.

Want to Do More?

There are many ways, big and small, to say “thank you” to all who serve. Visit Operation Gratitude’s #VirtualVolunteerism page to see how you can give back from your own home as we work together to get through this unprecedented time.

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