5 Tips for Using LinkedIn for Real Estate

The world around us is shifting and communication is occurring online more frequently. Real estate agents need to stay on top of communication trends if they want to engage with younger homebuyers and sellers. Various forms of social media have many real estate agents wondering how they can use these platforms to their advantage.

LinkedIn is one social network agents should consider if they are looking to connect and learn from other like-minded professionals. Many members use the profile page like a resume to outline their work experience and accomplishments. Prospective clients may use LinkedIn to weigh the experience of one agent against another to determine who will best meet their needs. However, many real estate professionals are not taking advantage of the full host of benefits offered through this network.

Here are a five ideas on how you can improve your engagement with other professionals and prospective clients.

Are you maximizing your potential on LinkedIn?

Are you maximizing your potential on LinkedIn?

1. Create a Captivating Profile

First impressions are everything. One of the first things people see is your profile picture and resume. Use a high-resolution professional head shot for the profile picture and have a well-formatted resume. Countless agents fail to provide a high-quality professional head shot. Many users will pass over these profiles with the assumption that if the agent hasn’t even taken the time to upload a photo, they probably won’t have relevant or useful information to provide.

Update your profile regularly to provide your connections with insight into your most recent projects and accomplishments. You may also consider adding your profession to your profile name, for example “Samantha Reeves – Real Estate,” to appear more frequently in searches or by updating your profile URL .

2. Tell Your Story

LinkedIn is a great way to develop connections with like-minded agents and other professionals sharing similar passions. Don’t just list your current employment. Provide your background and use your bio to tell your story. Are you passionate about working with VA homebuyers? Make sure you mention it in your bio. Then join or start groups with others who share your interests like the Real Estate Agents – Military Friendly group run by Veterans United.

But don’t just connect with others who share professional interests. One of the best ways to get your name out there to more potential clients is to meet them in community groups, and this applies on LinkedIn too. Are you a volunteer at the local humane society, or a member of a cycling club? Connect with these groups and participate in discussions. This will help keep you top of mind when one of their members decides they want to buy a home.

3. Build Your Credentials

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases many people make in their lifetime. Homebuyers will want to see your credentials. Ask happy clients, title companies, loan officers and colleagues to leave you reviews after completing a transaction. These endorsements give credibility to your knowledge and abilities. And don’t forget to reciprocate, leaving helpful and detailed feedback, it can really help to build on your professional relationships.

4. Consider Your Audience

LinkedIn is for professional networking. Consider your audience before posting. Not all your connections are on LinkedIn because they are actively looking to purchase a home. Many are there to learn from others and share their knowledge and insight. So before you start posting all your new listings, consider whether your connections want to see your listings. They may benefit more from learning about your marketing techniques or real estate tips.

If you really want to post listings on LinkedIn, there are a few ways to do so without clogging your connections feed with new listings. Consider placing your listings in a Slideshare or posting one listing then directing potential clients to your website to see more.

5. Stay Up to Date with Your Connections

Keeping in touch with your network connections is an easy way to stay top of mind. Take time to see what your connections are doing. Congratulate them on job changes, comment on posts and engage in conversation. This will make it more likely for them to remember you when they are buying or selling a home or referring you to a friend or family member.

Linkedin is  a very useful tool for professionals in every field of business. Real estate agents can utilize this network to  become more discoverable online, boost their credentials, establish more connections, and generate more leads.