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Eye On The Prize: 5 Ways to Celebrate Your New Home

When navigating the tricky waters of buying your first home, it’s easy to forget exactly what is so great about homeownership. Instead of living in a rental house, now you can pull off all of the daring home renovation projects you've wanted. You can come home knowing that this is your home, and it will stay like that.

And when you accomplish a great goal, one of the best things to do is to celebrate. What are some great ways to let the world know you've bought your home?

Family Photo

Take a family photo at the front door or in front of your new place to commemorate the moment. Hang your favorite copy in the foyer and mail it to your friends.

Specialty Housewarming Party

Housewarming parties are a common event for new homeowners once they are settled in, and you can even do them in a small place. On top of the many tours you’ll give to friends and family, consider centering your party around your favorite part of the house. Have a barbecue if you fell in love with the back yard, a movie night if you love the living room or a dinner party if the kitchen sold you on the place.

Living Room Picnic

Some of your best memories will come from moving and settling in, even though it is one of the more stressful times. But remember to be patient and have fun during this process. A great way to have fun while moving in is to have a picnic in the living room before all of the big furniture arrives. Spread out a blanket, order in your favorite food and enjoy your first family dinner in your new home.

Moving Party

If you’re looking to convince your friends to help you move, why not turn a boring day of hard work into a moving party? Make sure you’ve got a cooler stocked with everyone’s favorite drinks, order food and provide snacks. Not only will you save money not hiring movers, you’ll get to spend quality time with your friends and show off your new place.

Classic Champagne

If you’re not one for big parties or you plan on doing most of the moving yourself, don’t forget to celebrate your new home in whatever way you see fit. Pick up a bottle of champagne and toast to your success so the occasion doesn't go unmarked.

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