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VA Loan Education Helps Veteran
When Air Force CMSgt Jeffery Brown wanted to buy a home, he turned to The Book on VA Loans. Discover how essential know-how can empower homeownership.
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Air Force CMSgt Gains Confidence for First Home Purchase

Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Jeffery Brown wanted to do his homework before starting the homebuying journey.

A first-time buyer, Jeffery began his research with The Book on VA Loans, an in-depth look at this historic home loan program written by Chris Birk, the director of education for Veterans United.

Jeffery read it cover to cover in two days, then headed to the Veterans United website for more information. Armed with an understanding of the process, Jeffery took the lead on his VA loan and worked hand-in-hand with his lending team to get to closing.

For more homebuying education, check out Homefront Academy, our essential step-by-step guide.

Everyone's financial situation is unique and your personal lending experience may vary. Contact a Veterans United Home Loan Specialist today to find out what you qualify for.

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